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Success Quick Fix 6.1 Plus Review May 2017

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stin, May 8, 2017.

  1. Hello Grasscity,

    I felt obligated to write a review on my recent pre-employment drug test in California. I just got an incredible internship opportunity to work this summer, and I was super excited until I learned I had to pass a drug screen within 5 days. I am a social smoker, so I guess I would say that I smoke around twice a week, so there was no way that I would have been able to pass using my own urine. Looking for solutions, I kept reading about quick fix 6.1 and all of the great success stories. Albeit there were a few failures that I read about, but decided to go with Quick fix 6.1 plus.

    Day of the test:

    Put the bottle in the microwave for 12 sec, took it out and it was over 100 degrees, so I left the cap off for it to cool until it got to 98 degrees and then wrapped the heat warmer on and put it in my gooch. The place is only 10 min away from my house so it was quick trip, kind of uncomfortable but if you've gooched anything you already know what to expect. Before going in, I took the heat pack off because I didnt want it to be too hot cause no one pisses 100 degree urine, and i wore double compression shorts so I thought that my body heat would be sufficient. I went in and sat down, only took 10 min because the place was empty. Made small talk with the guy, acting normal, had me sign a few papers and then had me pick out the cup blah blah blah, and told me to go into the bathroom and piss to a certain mark. I purchased the 3 oz version, so I had more than enough. I go into the bathroom take out the bottle and started pouring. This is when I started getting nervous, I was like "I bet the guy is wondering my he isnt hearing any pee" so with both my hands pre occupied, I just released my flow, not knowing my dick angle was higher than the bowl, I presumed to pee all over the seat for about two sec. I put the quick fix back in my pants zipped up, didnt clean toilet cause they said not to touch anything. Gave the guy my sample, it read 97 degrees and he poured the rest out in the toilet. I dont know if he was being nice but he didnt mention the urine all over the seat. Had me sign, one more thing and said im good to go.

    Results: Found out today that I passed. Everything came back negative and Im good for my internship. If your reading this and are worried about synthetic urine like I was, let me assure you that its good. As of May 2017, Quick Fix 6.1 PLUS works. I dont know about the other one, but the plus one did the job. Stay calm, and smoke on, fuck drug screens.
  2. I recently used ultimate gold liquid gold (it was short notice and all that I could find locally) and cannot find ANY info. The box does state it has characteristics of real urine but that's about it... I wonder if any thing is known about it? I still haven't received any results.
  3. Congrats on your pass also . I'm envious of your relief. Haha
  4. Courious what batch number you had.
  5. So here's my review of my day at the lab. Used Quick Fix Plus for pre-employment test in Oregon 2017. Went to the lab maybe a 10 min wait, I already checked the temp in the car parked up the block next to the lab and everything looked fine. Had me empty out pockets and gave me the cup to pee in. Took maybe 2 min in the bathroom, everything looked good that I thought. Lab tech said it looked to watery, also didn't look like normal pee. Then proceeded to ask me to go again, said I could return when they came back from lunch. I said that's strange and said sure id go to lunch as well and return. Returned 45 minutes later, again with another bottle that I already had stored in my car. Same routine empty pockets, go pee blah blah returned out of the bathroom and proceeded to tell me the samething and the sample was rather warm, flirting with around 99 degrees. Said I could wait and go again. I was pretty pissed at this point and said that's crap and you should just send it out and have it tested...I'm not going to wait around 5 hours for peeing in a cup because your opinion thinks basically I'm cheating. She said she couldnt because she thought the temp was to high I then replied send the first one then. Long story short I haven't heard from the employer or lab yet (only been 2 hours after test) but thinking their not going to pass me. Any suggestions on what I should do for the watery aspect next time and possible smell? I also called Quick fix to make sure batch wasn't expired... Wasn't till later 2018 so kind of stuck here..
  6. I passed mine 3 weekd ago after it sitting for the weekend. As long as you're not in WA, HI, IN and NC could be a couple more states youre good to go.
  7. I can not lie. Quick fix plus is definitely a lifesaver and a game changer! Used in NYC for a corporate position and it worked! Thank you so much quick fix!!
  8. So what i think happened bro is that you poured it in the cup instead of squirting it in so it could bubble up sort of cause when you pour it in it does look watery now that i think about it.

  9. Thanks for the post! Where did you take your drug test? I used QuckFix for a pre-employment drug test at Labcorp today. In California as well.


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