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  1. My freind showed me a site he likes to buy his seeds from so I decided to try it out. I thought it was pretty nice since the prices seemed cheap. It took about 5 days for my seeds to come which is super fast to me. I will probably get more after this. My freinds already looks awesome. Oh ya and they were discreet too in a small envolope. The site was CHEAP WEED SEEDS!!! - Home I've only seen them change it once and now they only have 2 types of seeds. But i Give it 2 thumbs up on service and speed and figured id share with the community!
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    a seed site hosted on a free website host.. and then referred in your signature, with you as the only refrence.. not to sound skeptical or like i'm attacking you..
    $85 sensi star from dutch passion, typos everywhere... the fakest sounding testimonials ever, "JOE & anonymous" lol.. no thanks I'll pass.
  3. yeah i am not gonna take a chance on that site bro i am only the 660th person to visit that site. and that means they are too new and unproven. i am very skeptical :( i will check out your journal when you grow them out to see how you do with them. but i mean i can make a better home page then that. if you are new why would you want a publicly viewed hit count? so people can see how little business you've done. best of luck with those OP:wave:

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