Subway or Quiznos

Discussion in 'General' started by TheBlade, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Alright, sooo who prefers subway over quiznos?
    IMO I think Subway is way overrated, the meat is disgusting and the veggies arent fresh. Its almost a hassle to ask them for things on your sandwich cause most of the employee's hate there job or hate themselves. But every stoner knows about the 5 dollar footlong so I know alot of people who go there.
    Yall know that Quiznos sells 5 dollar footlongs also? You can get a very expensive sandwich at a meegre 5$.. Like a Rosemary Parmasean loaf with like 40 strips of roastbeef, swiss, olives, and veggies all for 5$.. So why would people say subway is better when you get real food, for same price??
  2. Quiznos is more expensive for sure.

    A footlong at Subway is $5 and fills you up for awhile.

    Where I live, for $5 you will get the 6' and it will probably come to more then $5.

    Quiznos tastes a lot better though, ill give them that.
  3. I like Subway more. IMO Quiznos puts way too much spices and herbs on theirs, making it taste way too strong.
  4. I used to think Quiznos was way better until Subway started doing toasted subs.

    I like Subway better now.

    Besides, the employees at the Quiznos by my house always look like they want to shoot themselves and they won't say barely 2 words to you. They can't make sandwiches for shit either. :poke:
  5. Quiznos' buy 1 get 1 for $1 deal is so awesome. You get two foot longs, which taste much better than Subway's, for a few bucks less than you would pay for 2 footlongs at Subway.

    I still love Subway though, and would normally go there instead of Quiznos if Quiznos wasn't having that deal
  6. i like quiznos more because the flavor is better and the bread is better but subway is more convenient for me cuz im good freinds with an employee and she gives me her sandwich for working sometimes.
  7. Quiznos wins for me. But if I had the choice, Penn Station wins over Quiznos and Subway.
  8. [ame=""]YouTube - quiznos vs subway 1[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Quiznos vs. Subway 2[/ame]

    Quiznos over subway any FUCKING DAY!
  9. Subway for sure.. Spicy Italian on the Italian Herb & Cheese bread ftw.
  10. question is.

    wtf do these places have that i dont have at home to make the exact same sandwich. NOTHING. other then their gimick sauces and frozen meat specials

    neither. too expensive for a sandwich
  11. Quiznos for sure. Subways meat makes me gag.
  12. Cousins subs.

    haha jk, they are better though. Seriously.

    But for the threads sake, Subway-Chicken Bacon Ranch quiznos cannot beat it
  13. jimmy johns.... if you know what it is you know im right.
  14. I like subway more, I guess everyone else around me does to. Subway has been on my street for as long as I can remember, a couple years ago quiznos opened up shop right next door to subway. I tried it did not like it and it cost more then subway! Well after only one year quiznos is gone and subway moved into there old building which was mad nice and new looking LOL!
  15. D'angelos :hello:

    Then Quiznos

    Then Subway
  16. Quizno's makes wayyyy better veggie sandwiches. Subway veg has zero flavor. I can see how meat eaters would like Subway better though, the flavor is in the meat.
  17. Quiznos >>>> Subway

    When i go to Florida Firehouse Subs FTW
  18. I'm a vegetarian and I prefer Subway, the Quiznos in my area don't stock any vegetables, I can usually get little more than lettuce. Subway always has a really good vegetable selection and it's much cheaper.

  19. An employee to do it for you! ;)

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