Subway changed $5 footlongs again !!

Discussion in 'General' started by PinkPrincess, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Yeah basically subway is doing ANY footlong for 5 dollars.
    I am excited for this, even though to me $5 dollars is still too much when i can get in and out for cheaper :( ... damn i got less excited as i thought about other food i can get for 5 bucks
    Edited to show yes it is everywhere and includes everything.
  2. Can't wait for the summer when Subway brings back the BBQ Pork rib sammich. :smoking:
  3. anysandwich for 5 buck???? Quiznos is beat!
  4. I wonder if this is everywhere. If so, hello footlong italian bmt on wheat. :devious:
  5. HAHA Well 2 years ago my freshman year in college I went to a small college (Nichols College) and the local subway had a buy 1 footlong and meal and get a 2nd footlong for free.

    I love steak and cheese on wheat with lettuce, green peppers, and bbq sauce.

    Best invention I have made when I was high. Besides, a BBQ Hawaiin Pizza. Shit was the best pizza ever.:smoking:
  6. i hope they change their new anthem.. 5.. 5..5 doller footlong:mad:
  7. Don't get me wrong, I love the easiness of being able to walk in and walk out with a nice fat sandwich to repress the munchies, but food from nearly all fast food restaurants seems overpriced. If the situation allows, I'd much rather make my own food (in this case a giant sub sandwich) at home. It's WAY cheaper, and ends up tasting better too. (most of the time.)
  8. Chicken bacon ranch, here i come
  9. yep. i will have 20+ of these now before they change it back.
  10. yeah initially i thought it was any footlong

    then i was pretty disappointed to find out otherwise

    but now its on

    sweet onion chicken teriyaki ftw
  11. Sweet, I'm gonna go pick up a Philly Cheesesteak tonight.
  12. Chicken Pizziole is still 6.29$
  13. I love the chicken,bacon, ranch footlongs. Oh and all footlongs have been $5 at my subway.
  14. this is wat i get and its always been 5bucks for me..??
  15. screw subway they got rid of phelps! QUIZNOES ALL THE WAY MANG!!!

    plus quiznoes is like 10x better

  16. Oh, I didnt know that. Im definately not a regular. But I might go tonight haha
  17. I just got 8 Buy 1 Get 1 free coupons from Quiznos, so fuck Subway.

    Subway is way too fuckin bland.

    One exception the tuna is awesome.
  18. Quiznos sub

    And Honey Bourbon sauce

    Best sub in the world, I shit you not. So Simple, yet so fucking good.
  19. Thread title is ridiculously vague. They didn't actually change any sandwiches, did they?

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