subteranean ancient catacombs under LA

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by grass man420, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Thatd be awesome if we could actually go down there!
  2. Believable, but you chose some absolutely horrendous sources. An ancient underground city is one thing, but an underground city in the shape of a lizard commemorating malevolent lizard ETs is another.
  3. haha yea i guess, it was late and i tried to find a good youtube video about it but i couldn't find any unfortunately. i just have a hard time figuring out who built them and why. i mean there super fucking old north america wasn't even supposed to be known to exist at that time. and in a non existant continent to the rest of the world theres already massive underground city's. was it super advanced humans that built it , or what the fuck i mean this shit is mind boggling,

    i want to go there, it would be pretty dam awesome.

    "shufelt believed that they had built 13 such underground facilities in different areas for such a purpose. One was located in the eastern section of Arizona in a small town called Springerville and was only discovered recently. Another was located under a hill which was surrounded by a curving ridge of mountains like the middle of a horse's hoof. This is exactly the type of terrain seen in downtown L.A. in the area that is now the Board of Education, which is built over the ruins of the old Willis Estate on top of Fort Moore hill."

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