Submissions for the Next GC Art Show

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  1. PM submissions to me by February the 18th. That is the deadline this time. Please submit pieces of any form.

    Short Stories

    Anything is welcome as long as it is art(I am able to deem if it is art or not to my best judgment just be warned.) Anyone can enter and you will make it in as long as you make the deadline.

    You can submit a max of 3 pieces each. Also if you so choose send me some commentary about your piece. I may edit it to make it shorter if it is too long be warned. I will not take your artwork because I am an artist myself and hate people who steal each others work.

    If you wish to put a water mark on it or anything like that feel free.

    Please feel free to say if you have plans to enter in here. I won't hold you to them because I know how spacey stoners can be. Also you can give me suggestions for the art show here.

    Just do not post the work you want to submit in this thread it ruins the surprise.
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    tight. ill definately try to submit something. not a garuntee :smoke:
  3. We are potheads I don't really expect guarantees. I already have one entry!
  4. This makes me happy! :hello:

    I'm sure I'll manage to get something together, I have a few things on the go right now. It's just a matter of time to get it done, starting school Monday so we will see what gets done.
  5. Just try to get some work in I would love to see some more photography:D
  6. im looking forward to it
  7. Just got two more submissions, I am quite excited. Got some video art and some photography. I am looking forward to this.
  8. holy chronic psychedelic man we just had one! no ones even caring about the first one. sadd but gladd I gots more cartoons...
  9. Everyone is asking about it so I decided we may as well start planning. I figure if we are really ambitious this time it may catch the attention of more users.

    I don't mean to discredit the other thread in any way. But I have a good feeling about this. I thought the first one was great and I think we can make it even better. But I have to work on it presentation wise after we get all the entries.

    I hope you plan to contribute again. Your work was great I liked hearing the story behind them.

    Also the artist's corner has always been a really slow section of GC I think we need to try to change that.
  10. frankly not as many GCers look at this section. Need to publicize it a bit so more would get to know about it :D
  11. Well when we have the next gallery up I have some ideas. It requires everyone to link it in their signature
  12. wyrd i'll submit 2 more pieces. no need to clutter

  13. I like to think of it as motivation to post more if we do this :)

    Again I'm going to try, but I have been busy with school. I'm hoping to get around to it on the weekend.
  14. I just submitted the first three pieces that I have ever shown on GC:eek:
  15. I got em. I sent some replies to your private messages too. I'll be sure to put some of my own shit in the show too.
  16. i want a piece of this, but i don't have much for visual art.

    i do have some poetry i wrote, though. maybe i'll find an artsy picture to add, too.
  17. Poetry and pieces of writing are more than acceptable.
  18. Would more design-oriented (logo/typographic design, illustration, etc.) pieces be acceptable?
  19. Yeah it doesn't have to just be flat out art it can be more design oriented that is also art to me. Just a display of what the people who create on GC do.
  20. Very well. Do you have a preference of file format?

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