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Submerging weed into water?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by abusfullofnuns, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. So I'm driving across state lines tomorrow morning for a ski trip. I'm bringing a small amount of weed, a lighter, and super small pipe (plus eyedrops :smoke:). I'm a little paranoid since I NEVER travel with weed.

    My question is, if I double bagged the pipe and weed, then put a rock in the outer bag so it would sink to the bottom of a water bottle, would a drug-trained dog be able to smell it? I live somewhat near the Mexican border, so it's really common around here. Also, do you think there's any way the water could get into the baggie?

    Thanks in advance for any help blades!

  2. Drug dogs smell everything. They'll smell paper from the bottle, plastic, the rock, more plastic, then WEED HIT HIT HIT (hit is when a dog detects a smell).

    So, no. Hide it well in the car, hope you don't get pulled over or searched. Because if you're searched, it's pretty much all luck, not skill, on your hiding spot. The dog is only as good as the operator is. If he's inattentive or misses a spot,the dog won't pick up on it.
  3. Even through about 6 inches of water? Plus the water bottle is metal and sealed with rubber at the top. Even if a dog smelled it, I kind of doubt an officer could find it.

  4. Yes, drug dogs aren't easily fooled. Smell permeate through plastic. They only need to smell a couple MOLECULES in order detect it.

    If a drug dog smelled it, and hit, then the officer is GOING to find it. He's not gonna let it go lol.

    Don't underestimate the police. Like I said, it's luck to beat a drug dog. Depends highly on the operator.
  5. Stick it up your pooper.
  6. Classic gc response. :p I feel awful for not saying that first.
  7. Honestly can't believe you were so thorough with your initial reply. :p
  8. Well, perhaps as a last resort..

    But it's only a gram, would all these measures at least help my chances of getting past a dog? From what you're saying, it seems like a dog smelling it is inevitable..
  9. Seal it airtight with a foodsaver, put it in an envelope with a postage stamp, and then in a can of coffee grounds, then in a box taped with packaging tape.

  10. I'm through with all my replies. Not intentionally. I'm just bad at explaining things concisely.

    I do it in real life too. I usually can never answer something simply, I usually go into far too many details. Gets worse when I drink.

    Fuck I'm doing it again.
  11. The problem is that when you are actually packaging the weed, trichromes stick to the outside of the bag/jar/whatever from your fingers and that is what the dogs smell.

    Put it in something airtight using gloves, take of the gloves and seal it, and then seal that container in something else. Try not to let the weed bump the outside of any of the containers. If you are VERY careful it can be smell-proof.
  12. [quote name='"abusfullofnuns"']Even through about 6 inches of water? Plus the water bottle is metal and sealed with rubber at the top. Even if a dog smelled it, I kind of doubt an officer could find it.[/quote]

    They will rip your car apart until they find it if a dog alerts on you, just buy weed when uget there
  13. Man cope arent sweating small amounts of work these days . . . you gonna end up with some soggy ass seaweed

  14. When there's easy money to be made on illegal products, the motive for work is there ;)
  15. I was really careful when I put it in, I think it should be fine. I guess I'll just try it and see what happens!

    And I wish I could buy some there, but I highly doubt I can find weed in a span of 2 hours while I'm with my parents.

    Oh should have mentioned that.. I'm traveling with my parents, and they have NO idea I smoke. Haha
  16. OP that first idea is a terrible one and you will no doubt get busted if they are to search you
  17. Ok, what changes should I make to the plan to improve it then? I'm open to suggestions if you have any.

  18. agreed. There is no surefire way to win, because diffusion rate could just not be on your side that day, coupled with the heat of a car (heat increases the speed of gases, thus allowing it to diffuse faster).

    But, OP, if you wanna cut down on risks, definitely follow Peaceful Stoner's earlier idea. Best system you could do to cut down the risk in your favor.
  19. Yea sticking it your ass or vagina is always the best way to transport weed and you will feel so cool smoking pussy or ass weed
  20. I would definitely do that if I had the time or coffee. Oh well, I'll either just forget it and go sober a few days or risk it. If anyone has any easy tips to add tho that would help a ton!

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