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  1. just wanna know what are your fav sublime songs. heres my list......

    lets go get stoned
    new song
    get ready
    work that we do
    pawn shop
    5446 thats my number/ball and chain

    all these songs are DOPE to listen to while your stoned. pretty trippy. toking the bong -------> :0~p=O
  2. aaaaaaw man, my favorite band
    GET OUT!
    work that we do..:)
    pool shark..:)
    theres soooooo many..but I guess If I had to name a few these be it!
    god he could write!
  3. ohhhhhhhhhh i love "dont push" too. how can i forget that one :)
  4. i was sitting here wondering what to listen to, sometimes I just cant make up my mind!!, surfing around and came across your post, and well, problem solved [​IMG]
  5. i don't own any sublime stuff but i do always enjoy listening to them :p goo'd stuff
  6. smoke two joints 40 oz to freedom and many others man. sublime is good.
  7. definitely:

    my ruca
    garden grove
    don't push of course
    trenchtown rock/any marley cover


    i love it all <3
  8. lol, I knew ganjaphish youd find this thread ;) yeah, I love his trenchtown rock..hes got one of the best voices Ive ever heard. does that and the others that he covers justice!
    and i love the lil things he says in between songs...
    .."this is the drunkest ive ever been" and goes into the song ading a lil something here and there :) soooo good!
  9. Man it's really nice to know there's people out there that appreciate bomb ass music. Brad Nowell was a lyrical genius and a musical genius as well. I just went and saw Long Beach Short Bus about 2 months ago, it was great. Opie started crying during Badfish, it was pretty emotional. They were pretty fucked up and a few of them looked pretty fuckin spun.
    Skunk Rec. has some sick new hip-hop artists on their label now(Burn Unit)-- I got so fucked up with the lead singer in the bar at the club-- we made complete asses of ourselves. Well I thought I'd just my little Sublime tid-bit with ya!!!


  10. Pool Shark
    Hong Kong Phooey
    bad fish
    ball and chain
    waiting for my ruca
    dont push
    scarlett begonias
    new realization

    and many many more....every song from sublime.
  11. Anything off of second hand smoke, that album is just amazing. And Scarlet Begonias, probably my favorite Sublime cover.

    I once made a mix cd of sublime for smoking to. I started off with the faster songs with the punk sound for getting pumped up with, the songs about smoking for when we were getting down with sweet Mary Jane, and finally the slow songs that have the mellow beats to just kick back and relax with.

    Sublime just encompasses it all.

    RIP Bradley
  12. sublime rules

    smoke 2 joints
    dont push
    crazy fool
    what i got
    waiting for bud
    40 oz to freedom
    doin time

    hell i like em all!
  13. the whole sublime acoustic cd kicks all too, if you havent heard it i suggest you check it out
  14. hell yea i love sublime, im going to get the 40 oz to freedom sun tattooed on my leg one day

    My fav song would have to probably be Garden Grove, but i love all of their stuff so much!

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