Subjective vs. Objective

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  1. Is there only subjective reality? Does an objective reality really exist? Do all the subjective realities combine together to co-create an objective reality?

    Leave your opinions and thoughts.

  2. There is something to be said about persistence of objective reality to my subjective perception. Even when it defies my subjective perception, there are methods I can use to document and understand why.
  3. Wouldnt the objective reality be the REAL reality so to speak? a reality completely unbiased, not subject to our individual perspectives?
  4. I think objective reality is the concept of perception. The art of perception.
  5. Merely by observing a becomes definition....only by replicating experimental data has it shown that it can be CONSIDERED to be objective...but there is that fuggin double-slit experiment that throws a chin k in the 'when observed' arena... did this **** to the word chin k
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    *kink is what you're looking for. The word you used is kind of a racist term. lol
  7. So if the "thing" was hypothetically never observed then it would be fully objective?
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    I think that the subject/object distinction is really more of a thought experiment. From what I can gather, there are no real instances of subjectivity which aren't accompanied by instances of objectivity or vice versa. I'd be glad to humor any suggestion that there might be pure objectivity, or pure subjectivity, one not accompanied by the other.

    Here's a great book on this kind of thing.


  9. Some would argue that if it was never observed then it doesn't necessarily exist.

    I'm leaning towards the subjective consciousness of each individual co-creates an observable objective reality which everyone can use as a guideline, but doesn't in full truth exist.

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  10. When we perceive reality we put it into nice little packages our consciousness 'understands'...we merely see what we can see, as far as objective 'reality' that is something we can never truly grasp even repeated, empirical data is still constrained to our cognitive/social constructs, subjective reality from the human perspective is all we know.
  11. You could say that the objective is the common thread linking together all subjective experience. In this case, subjectivity cannot be experienced without the objective, and the objective cannot exist without the subjectivity.
  12. Or one could say subjective experience is what causes us to break the common thread of objective reality, there by giving us the opportunity to be individuals....maybe?

  13. indeed....! That is what I wanted to

    And Bud said my next thought about reality...

    .... it can be said that it doesn't exist....

    However....I believe it exists...we are just not experiencing that thing in our own point in time...there are still physical laws of matter and etc.....

    In other words....just because we dont experience the object matter at that point in time....the matter that makes up the molecular structure of that object doesnt vanish into thin air...just because we arent observing energy can neither be created or destroyed.

    Ex: Does your computer cease to exist when you arent using it...or in the room....or does electricity cease to exist when you arent using it....That would be silly.....unless we are actually living in a 3-D so...maybe not....'God's holographic universe'....
  14. Objectivity : down to earth.
    Subjectivity : head in clouds.

    Stand tall, but make sure to watch your step. You may just have to take a "leap of faith."
  15. who experiences the subjective? doesn't the objective reality experience itself? it really doesn't even experience...its more like it simply follows the laws of physics lol...

    You know what i'm trying to say. Like i think to even talk about subjective or objective you gotta conceptualize these ideas that don't even exist lol...

    sort of?

    i apologize about my train of thought posts
  16. I believe an objective does exist, but if one so chooses they may experience it in a subjective way. That objective reality, the sages say, is the only true reality because all else is transitory and ever changing. That's one interpretation of it at least. In any case, the objective reality, once reached, can then be experienced in either an objective (all beings are one, as many droplets join to make one river, etc), or a subjective way, depending on the wishes of the individual. It is also said that individuality is never completely extinguished.
  17. They both "exist". To say you don't believe in an objective reality would be equal to saying you don't believe your mother birthed you.. Once you can accept that there is an objective reality (believing in science basically), you begin to see that we are all connected to this objective reality. This connection is what many call god, allah, jah, shiva, etc.

    However, once we are born, our brains allow us to have our own experience of the objective, which gives us the right to open interpretation/opinion. This interpretation/personality creates the subjective experience/"reality". Basically, I would say the objective is the only true reality, but our interpretation is real, just maybe not what it explains.

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