subed a piss test

Discussion in 'General' started by greenleaf90, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. just got back from takin a piss test n well im kinda bugged i got the piss at 6 this moring n kept it wrapd in a hand warmer n between my legs didnt get to take test till 12 tho . i checkd it with a digy thermometer to check it before i went in it was at 97.1 . actually checkd it while i was in bathroom same thing but heres wat got me bugged when i poured it in to the cup their temp gauge let up n then went away so i added lil more n it showed up n stayd but for how long idk cuz i was tryin to get out quick as possable . so i checkd it out side after i was done same thing. is it normal for the temp gauges to do that or did i fuck up? n wat yall think my chances of passin are the piss is comin from a family member that gets tested each month so i kno its clean just buggd bout the temp thing
  2. I just had to do this a week ago for job at Nordstrom (clean piss in a condom, muscle warmer strapped to thigh with condom in underwear) and the way I understand it is if the temperature doesn't match they won't even test it because it means it was "tampered" with.

    When I left the facility I was given a piece of paper with some information on it including "Correct Temperature: Yes" or something like that. So I'd double check the paper they gave you when they sent you home
  3. I just checkd the paper n yep it said. The same thing so hopfuly when tey test it they won't go all out lookin at the gravity or sumshit I heard there are many ways they can tell

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