Sub 50$ vape?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by oioiooioiiooi, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. hey guys!
    im looking for a cheap vape inthe sub 50$ range if possible, anyone got any ideas?

  2. Idk. I suggest investing in a nice one. I bought a vaporizer for 50$ (the one with the heated coil and you just grind up the bus and put it in) it lasted me less Than a month and before it died on me I had to stick a needle In the device and reposition the coil so it could heat and work.
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  3. You get what you pay for, and $50 is not going to get you anything reliable or that really hits well in my opinion. If you don't mind somewhat of a learning curve, I'd say the Magic Flight Launch Box is the cheapest unit worth getting, and it's only cheap because it's unbelievably simple. Hits like a champ once you get the technique down. Not to mention lifetime warranty even if it's your fault
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  4. OK dude thanks, I'll look into it

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  5. Puffitup has Flowermate vapes on sale. you can get an Aura for like $59.

    Call Randy from puffitup and ask his advice.
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  6. Save your money until you can get something decent that will last, don't go cheap cause you might get sub par performance which might put you off vapes

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    I have a VapCap and it works amazing with dry herb for $30. I heard it can do concentrates, too. It uses butane to heat it and has a bit of a learning curve, but it is by far the best thing you can get in this price range IMO. Use it with a torch not a lighter. It works so much better.
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  8. I bought a gpen bundle a short while back and still have a few unopened. If you're interested, micro G for $60, each type of gpen slim for $15 each. I have a g slim for concentrates and it does pretty good for the $ involved. If you use a higher percentage isopropyl alcohol and a swab you can clean pretty well, and the tanks are only $10. I use mine for wax, does the job.
  9. If you are willing to try a torch powered vape the DynaVap by VapCap is the only vape under $90 i recommend.

    Here is a video i made when i beta tested for them some months back.

  10. I forgot to mention... The base model is only around $30!
  11. Hey, I saw your video back before I bought my VapCap! It helped me make my decision to buy it!
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  12. Haven't been active on grasscity in about 5 years, but glad to hear that. You just can't beat it for the price. With some practice, it really is a damn good vape.
  13. I love it so much, and now I don't smoke anything (at least by myself), so I am very satisfied.
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  14. how cool a cat with a question willing to listen
    @lwien <ask this cat about vapes (fucker knows erthang bout vapes n vapin! he rocks if you ask pointers and opinions)

    heres what @disastronought was talking about with a good demo of how to use it


    heres my favorite/daily driver(most used)
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  15. That's a good demonstration video but do keep in mind they've improved their batteries greatly since then, it heats up a whole lot quicker
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  16. and if you dont care about butane contamination these aint half bad

    same butane concern but also heres the

  17. Wow bro I logged on to type the same question and same price and everything lol

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  18. Shit bro imma check that out, no herb combustion?

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  19. It as manual controlled with a torch. So it does take some practice. I compare it to a musical instrument. You might not be able to pick it up and play without learning first, but once you learn you sure as hell can make beautiful music. A little practice makes perfect.

    IMO, you will not find a better vape under $100.
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  20. Oh well guys, thanks for your advice, but for my first Cape I'm going to go for the hebe titan 2, and hope the one I get is from the good batch and not the bad ones

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