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Stylez Hit 1500!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. ...8 posts ago, but still...

    Congrats, Stylez!!!

    ::::doing the 1500 posts dance, just for you:::: :)
  2. this just popped up on the page when i refreshed it so i thought i would say congrats cuz i am baked and in a good mood
  3. There's nothing better than being baked and in a good mood!!!! :)
  4. uh oh, rmjl, your gettin slow! lol

    thx :D
    hope for many more to come
    /me does the lil dance for himself
  5. I'm gonna do the my PJ's no less :D

    ::does the 1500 dance for her stars and moons PJ's!!!:::
  6. yeah congrats on the big out.....Sid
  7. thx again to all yas, I tried dancing on a desk once, i was actually tryn to do a lil irish dance while high. nuff to say, i fell off and smacked my head off the corner, i was high so I just went to sleep, lol


    LOL omg!! oregon trail!!!
    that game was the shit!! lol

    used to play it all the time
    #2 sucked tho :p
  8. congrats dude

    dances exuberantly for my sake and yours, pent up dance moves :D
  9. ^^^what critter said^^^

  10. ^^^second that :) congrats stylez! I knew I felt like dancing for a reason!

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