Styles P Concert 6/10/06 = 2 Thumbs Down *story*

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  1. GC my morning starts off with a blunt. Much needed rite now. Let me get into it.

    Yesterday 6/10 I had tickets to the Styles P Concert in W-B, PA. Doors Open @ 8 Show @ 11. My boy picks me up at 630pm. We go get 2 40's of Cammo Silver (9.0%0 a peace and take those down on a ride where 3 blunts were blazed in the process. SYLES P is my favorite rapper, never seen him live, im really hyped about gettin in there. Another 40 was drank after those. I really crunked by the time I knew what was goin on because next thing I know were at the doors and Im just like WTF. I was so hyped 2 be there I jus hopped out of the car, didnt roll any blunts for inside, jus got out not even realzing. We get to the outside of the main door and I see the dude who sold me the tickets. I said waddup remember me? he said yea. Then he asks for ID and Im the only 1 without one so he's like just go down to the door now and they'll let you in, you gotta go now though.... So I get to the door and the bouncer cards me and gives me the usual hard time about ID's.

    So I'm pissed off and tell my boy give me the keys and I'll brb. I hop in the car and take a quick spin down the street, came back and my boy was talkin wit a dude so we chilled wit him for a minute, changed my shirt and went back in. I had my boys I.D., hes hand was already stamped, and I got in....Niiiice

    Get in there settin up on stage, not to many ppl in the club. I thought it was 10:45pm when we got in but it was really only 9:45pm so I had a wait. I took down a bunch of caronas on the wait, I was cruuunnked.

    So people start warming up for Styles, Rappers that arent even known in the rap game are up there. Im standin there with my arms crossed lookin at em like who the fuck are you get the fuck off the stage. People start blazin blunts so I decide to roll one, hard standin in front of a stage wit nothin to roll up on, lmao. Then i used this dudes light to spark it and then smoked it in front of him lol. Must I say though I was 1 of 5 (if they) white dudes there. Anyway dudes keep rappin n rappin n rappin. These are no names and I dont even wanna listen to them. I could tell after a while Styles wasnt gonna b there. Why would he come into this small club so late after these kids up there. MAIN thing that was givin it away that there was NO way Styles was gonna perform was they were playin GUNIT songs during the breaks of the other kids on stage. Styles wouldnt allow it fuck gunit. That shit pissed me off and after a while later of the same kids rappin I walked out I couldnt even handle it. No way styles was comin, I was just pissed at rap music period. Walked out and just started walking, I ripped the Styles P off the sign by the road cuzz he wasnt gonna b there and jus walked to my crib, over a highway, down a long ass by pass, over a bridge, then down the main ave for a bout a year. Took me like 2 hours. Funny thing is tho when I was on the highway I saw like a tractor comin behind me so I ran into what i thought was just grass on the side of the road it was like a hill and when i touched the bottom I had to hop down another hill and then another 1 wit every step and jus rolled. Jus a lil fucked up but it would prolly b fuckin great to watch.

    So then I get to my crib, go to sleep, wake up, pissed off, my knee hurts and went n got a blizzy n rolled up came in n typed this shit. long ass post but i dont even know
  2. that sucks but uh...what if he did come on? i woulda stayed.
  3. ya man... most shows start with shitty no-named rappers. I went to a Bone Thugs concert last month and the first few groups were just local crews that were no good. If Bone Thugs still show after shitty no name rappers, im sure any other rappers would. BTW, it was the dopest show ive been to, smokin blunt with bone during crossroads was ill
  4. i dont get why styles would perform now. he hasnt come out with a cd in a minute
  5. gonna sound silly but how do u get blunts in the concert dont they pat u donw and shit!:confused:
  6. Shitty, i would like to see Stylez P, they never said nothin around your town if he showed up or whatever?

    p.s.- i had to work a Bone Thugs concert once, i only got to see them do 2 songs, but i heard em all from where i was workin. It was fuckin SWEET
  7. I was so drunk when I got there that I forgot I had my dank in my pocket. They patted me down but werent looking for anything but weapons. Walked in and jus got fucked up. Saw him 5 days later perform in Atlantic City NJ. Walked in with 3 pre rolled blunts and had the best time of my life
  8. yeah, I'm seeing Wu Tang next month, and its allways a good sign when they post the warm up acts. Rymefest, who's pretty damn good himself, is opening for them
  9. i would love to see wu tang, that would be the fuckin shit.

    Wu Tang Clan Aint Nothin To Fuck WiT!!!!!!!!!!!

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