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  1. Its a stupid question but how do you clone weed? cloning is normally like...cutting off a branch or splitting the plant in two through the roots rite? but isnt weed sort of delicate to that kind of semi-rough (brutal) treatment?
  2. Okay this may take awhile so take a seat and relax... cloning is a process you want to do witha female plant... People always ask why female??? ecause you are almost guranteed a female plant when you clone from a female... the traits the genes are the same etc... you clone by clipping a branch from the lower part of your plant... around when your plant starts to show sex... the plant should be atleast a foot tall around taht,,, clipp a small branch from teh bottom... imediatley after soak the branch in water.... i usualy put something clear syranmrap or someting like taht over my clones... from getting direct sun light... now you must MIST and water your plants daily.... keeping the moist... keep them in the glass change water daily... florosecent lights work good for cloneing if you have them... make shure your clones get some kind of light or they wont work!!!.... agian bigger branches will take longer to clone... and if you clone after sexing your clone will take longer... if you clone before sex is showen you may end up with males but your clones will go quicker... just make shure you label which clones came from which plant so you know whwere to take more clones from...another thing... keep your clones in a styrafoam cooler... 1-4 flouro lights will help.... the styrofoam cooler will help keep hydroation UP so your roots will grow... if you need any more specific info just post agian good luck also it may take a few trys
  3. ps use antifungial powder
  4. when you plants show roots make shure there long enuff to hold there own cover them in root bound powder you dont ahve to but this will help the plant root quicker and grow faster good luck
  5. where you cut cut like this \ and put saran wrap on the cut and water the duct tape it the roots should come out better

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