Stupid things people think about weed ?

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  1. Hey guys :smoke:
    So what's the stupidest thing some one has told you about Weed/What it does to you ?

    Sorry if this is a repost. Did do a search.
  2. someone told me onetime it causes Brain and eye cancer in a serious tone. lol
  3. Someone once told me it wasn't dangerous:confused:
  4. someone told me it's a drug, someone told me it takes 2 years each toke you take off your like , apparently it kills 1000,0000 people a year when it's never killed anyone.
  5. That if you inhale the ''toxic'' smoke of Marijuana, Satan will come up from Hell and rape your virgin asshole. (Not a lie someone told me that lol)
  6. thease kids in class were talking behind me about if there was a pound of weed next to them they wouldent take it because weed makes you slower and slower till it kills you all serious tone
  7. Someone said to me "we popula o so popula i smoke the weed oops sorry Ociffa"
  8. ewwww wtf is that in your sig Yizzer?
  9. "oh yeah hydro is always laced"

    I was high and chilling with my girl at the time and was too lazy to go into all the detail Id need to to correct them, but I regret not giving them a little lesson.

  10. I believe that is an acne scarred cheek.
  11. someone told me that white widow was just weed rolled in chrystal meth...what an idiot !
  12. Yeah, I was wondering that too.
  13. Addiction rate is the highest of any drug.
    Brain cell damage.
    More dangerous for your lungs then cigarettes.
    No such thing as a successful stoner

    Basically reinforcing the negative stoner stereotype

  14. but it is a drug....:confused:
  15. You can die from it.

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