Stupid shit

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BluntMan, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. me and a couple of my friends were on these backroads smoking a blunt and it started drizzling so when we got to the dead end we turned around and went back my friend in the back seat starte on another blunt and on this road was a hill that launched your car like the end of the world and when we got there i punched it flying over the hill and when i went to put on the brakes my car locked up and i skidded right into a ditch, after an hour of waiting the tow truck got there and right as we get back to driving away wih the tow truck behind us we sparkedthe second blunt and rode away
  2. last winter my friend rolled a j the exact size and fatness of a lifesavers roll, and we were dumb enough to let the driver try and light it, next thing you know we're in a ditch, the car smells like pot but we didnt even smoke yet. some dude helped us out and we went and hotboxed his car on the thing then went sledding :)

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