Stupid shit done while high...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by vlad024, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. Here is the latest stupid shit I've done stoned. My friend and I were driving to dinner after 2 bowls from my water bong "Big Red" and i had to get gas. I made it through the process of pumping the gas just fine except I poped my trunk at first and forgot to close it. So we drive off and I relize that my trunk is still open. I decide to pull into a parking lot to close it. So I pull off and it goes a little like this. Pull into parking space, shift into reverse, pull out of parking space, start to drive away, friend says "Aren't you going to close the trunk?", I say "Shit, damn I'm stoned", reverse into parking space, get out, close trunk, leave. Then I launch into a 15 minute observation of the fact that you sometimes don't realize how stoned you are until you have to interact with something other than the couch and the remote.

    So how bout y'all.

  2. Ive never really done anything totally stupid. But my hand-eye coordination is gone when baked. I've scorched the tip of my nose countless times trying to light a cigarette or joint with my torch. One time I took out a cigarette and lit up the filtered end and smoked for a good 3 minutes till someone pointed it out to me.
  3. let's just say i have marijuana-related scars.
    we won't go any further than that, and just assume i'm queen dumbass, ok? :D
  4. Personally I dont remember doing anything totally outragous... but fuck up when I am playing a card game or whatever... or I ask the same question to someone more then once in few minutes... but I do have a story for you... My younger brothers first experience smoking pot goes something like this... I smoked like an 8th with the little shit and continued with my day. I was sitting in my front room on the phone with a good friend, and I saw my bro walk down the hallway with a box of cereal and two spoons. I figured he was munchin' but I was not too sure where he was going with the stuff 'cause only my room and my other little bros room and the bathroom are down the hall!... So the next time I saw him he went back into the kitchen and grabbed the Milk. I was too curious now and had to see what he was doing... so i got off the phone and went down the hall to find him... I found him in my room, beside my bed... with a huge pile of Fruit Loops on my bed sheets and he was pooring milk all over it... he looked at me and held up the extra spoon and said: "Are you hungry I made lots for you too" Well at least he was doing sometime thoughtfull... I still made him take all my sheets and shit and do the Laundry... I know how much I used to do laundry and waist a good high... so i taught him a leason and now i am happy to tell you he is semi-normal now when i smoke him up lol good day to all... See you all in the "City"
  5. Lmao!!!!! Good thing he didn't try to fix pancakes for ya!!! :wave: :smoking:

    At a Toga party, I stood talkin' to two Sheriff's Deputies for about 10min. with a Marijuana plant "wreath" on my head!!!! A buddy finally pulled me away, and reminded me about my "Head" gear!!! Lol, :smoking:
  6. one night me and my friends were walking around the neighborhood completely fucked up. Now we live on top of this mountain in upstate ny, so there's an overpopulation of deer. This one family near us has a deer fence around the perimeter of their front yard. Naturally we just HAD to walk up to it and touch it. So my friend very reluctantly grabs this wire and falls to the ground with a small convulsion. A second later he's standing again freakin out and I'm on the ground in convulsions. We both start cracking up and shit and we're like "Oh man...that's not good for you...that's madd dangerous" and we start walking away...

    ...5 minutes later we were back at that fence shocking ourselves over and over again.
  7. I've never done anything too stupid. I've done the shit that everyone does, like smoking a cigarette in a car and thinking the window is rolled down, only to throw it and have it bounce off and land on my crotch. Not fun.
  8. I myself have not done anything completely stupid while high (Or maybe I can't remember...)... Anyways.... I'm just the normal laugh until i hurt and asking questions over and over again kind of guy. But here's some stupid shit my friends have done.

    While on a high ride, we're basting waiting for another bowl to be packed whenever I see a red light coming ahead... Now my friend is the driver here mind you. I'm sure he meant to stop, but he didn't, and it was just kind of funny to see a good driver do something so blatently wrong while we were getting high!

    A thing that just happened recently though was while I was at my friends grandmothers. We were sitting there, I had a little buzz going but nothing major and my friend passes his buddy the gun he just borrowed from him... Not thinking anything of it I fix my eyes back onto Jay and Silent Bob. But then only a few minutes later I hear a loud fucking bang! The dumb fuck purposely shot the gun off because "he wanted to see if it worked." That fucking idiot.

    Well that's all from here, If anything happens funnier I'll be sure to report it.

  9. where do i begin..yeah..cig out closed window bouncing into crotch,spit out closed window..thats nasty...umm..ive fallen off of my roof TWICE..hence the stupid part...lit wrong end of cigs...say stupid ass shit alll the time...gave away a quarter sac..that was dumb..spilled bong water on the computer...umm...stupidest thing of all time though..would definately be...come on here and look at nubbins avatar..scarred for life i am now...its bad..and getting worse...seriously folks.....seriously
  10. shhit where to start...

    ...well i guess its went to talk to a lectureer when i was stoned outta my MIND...though it would be some 5 minute talk... start talking...and cuz i am stoned....time has no meening to me anymote.....we start philophising...and talking random shit and stuff...look at my watch...its 3 hrs i been with the guy...well it waas academically the best experiance in my i guess it was not really stupid...

    AHH here is the stupid thing

    my house in a 5 ppl student home (pretty small) and there are 250 guests ( FUCK THATS A LOT...and its no exaguartion...we know cuz we had atleast 200 signatures in the gues book!!) well anyway ppl smoking everywhere... its all good...

    i was chilling outside..making sure all was in was all i take out a MOTHER of a spliff that i rolled up night before... 3 rizla's long~!!!

    anyway pass to my "guest of honor" to light up.... he was tripping...we all were...anyway...


    i just said OH FUCK....and froze...we all looked at the police van...he just froze ass well...spliff in one hand...lighter in the other...under a street light...looking at the police van,...and group of 7 others around it....blatently obvious wot he was doing....

    i told everyone...just ignore them...we are fucked...but wot ever u do .... dont drop the spliff...they wont realise....

    cops slow down...have a good look at us.....wave at us...we all wave back...and the dude with the spliff waves with the hand he has the spliff in....not trying to hide anything....

    and cops keep driving away.....

    u guys....THE COPS WERE 2 METERS away from us...knew exactly wot wer were doing...and had no worries with us...or the fact that there was over 250 ppl in our house/garden/street Iinfront of our house

    cool as party!
  11. Hehe. ;> In these parts we call those types of mental slips "stoner fouls". The rule in any social setting when we're smoking is; three stoner fouls and you're cut off for an hour.

    Btw, my worst stoner foul has to be calling my best friend's girlfriend by *my* girlfriend's name.
  12. I've done plenty of stupid shit in my days. I remember this one tome me and a couple of friends were real baked and wanted to make some pancakes but we didn't have any batter. My older sister came out and we tried to control ourselves(This was in my early days) but failed miserably. anyway my sister tried to make us opancakes and they turned out like shit. A couple years later i find out she was frying on acid at the time she made the pancakes.
  13. forgetting my pipe was in my lap and getitng out of a car and it falling a breaking in front of 30 people at a gas station.
  14. A guy in a bar asked if he could use my lighter. He lit his cigarette with his left hand and was having trouble doing it. There was a long silence while he was trying to light I thought I would start a conversation.

    I said to him "Oh, I see you are left-handed too"

    He said "Yeah, really funny" Lit his cigarette and walked away. As he did, I realized he only had one arm!!!!

    I could have died, I was so embarrassed, and that was the end of a nice buzz too!
  15. O MY GOD! smoky, that reminds me of a joke by an excellent comedian named mitch hedberg. " i don't like to wave at people when i drive by them, cuz what if they only have one arm, i might look cocky. HEY MOTHERFUCKER LOOK AT THIS, THIS SHIT IS USEFULL, I CAN PICK THINGS UP!"
    anywho, stupidest experience eh? hmmm...well, the first time i hit a bong i got eextremely fucked up, and i also got bad kotton mouth. my cuzin asked me if i had slimy kottonchops, slang for kotton mouth, i thought he said sammy pottinhops, and for the next hour i was talking about how sammy pottinhops and me were good friends, oh yeah, did i mention that i had never even imagined such a bizare name before. my cuz called my a dumb oaf, and then i was trying to figure out what an oaf was and me and my two cuzins were discussing what an oaf was, and my younger cuz kept on saying that all he knew was that they were really good for you, and he kept on saying all these nutritional facts. then my other cuzin asked what we were talking about and me and my cuzin both answer at the exact same time, only he says oats and i say oafs. it was hillarious. i 've done a lot more stupid things but i don't care to share them.
  16. once i tried to open my front door with a lighter.. the funny thing is, i actually lit the lighter on the lock before realizing why the door wasnt opening :D
  17. I walked into my boys house with a rolled jont resting on my ear. I forgot it was there and came downstairs with him and his mom saw it there. She freaked out but she's actually cool with it now..I wish my mom was that cool about it.

    Damn i've done the ciggarette thing except its already lit and I put the lit end in my mouth and it burns..
  18. Some time back, I was on the back home after a long nights smoking orgie at a friends house downtown. On the way home i had a prerolled J with me and lit up. Getting the munchies, and an extreme thirst, I went by the 24h gas station near my flat. 2 *glass*bottles of coke, salty-chips and a frozen pizza in a bag in my hand later, i was at my flat. I put the bag down and reached for out the keys in my pocket. then i suddenly remembered, no rolling paper. No more Js...

    Crisis. Munch now and go to bed without my night-toke, or go back to the gas station. a 5 minute walk each way. The dilemma of all time.

    I went back to the gas station. i mean, traditions are traditions, and a good tradition like the good-night joint are not meant to be broken. 15 minutes later i was back home with the bag of goodies in my hand, only to see another bag of coke, chips and pizza standing beside my flat-door...

    On the way back to the gas-station, i must have totally forgot about my previous purchase there. The second time i luckily remembered to by rolling papers tho' :)
  19. I was in a car with my sister and some of her friends passing around a bowl, at one point I took a massive hit right at this intersection without thinking about it, right in front of a cop. Surprisingly nothing happened. I backed my mom's car into a mailbox (the driver's side door was open, and I thought the car was in park). Coincidentally it was my first time driving stoned. This guy I know that works at a store near my house was at work wearing this little pot leaf button on his hat. I mentioned it and he said he didn't know what I was talking about, I later found out that he was wearing it all day at work without knowing it.
  20. lol some fo us have done some stupid shit while baked but heres' one to top it off.

    A few years ago my friend (Header) was put on probation for kicking the shit out of some bithch who screwed around with her boyfriend. Her curfew was 8pm on week days and 9pm on weekends. Needles to say we got really board sometimes but she lived across form the park and as long as she was on her property then she was home. We spent many long nights at the end of her drivway talking to people from the park. We did this until we were sure no one else would come from the park and its not like we had anything better to be doing we couldn't leave the property. Anyways on night there was a group of people in the park aprox 3years younger than us (a bunch of grade 9's). They had been there a while and it was getting to be about 3am when one of the girls came running out of the entrece to the park and hopped on to a concreat pole in the middle of the entrece way, held her self up then did a face plant on to the ground. Bitch fell face foward off of the poll and SMACK hit the ground. Next she ran across the street, when she got to the grass of Headers neighoburs lawn she fell to all four and started cralling around. I ran over to see what he hell. (she seemed really out of it scared of me) Header on the other hand yelled "COPS." The girl got up on her feet again and yelld "where?" Header pointed down the street the girl ran back towards the park and dove in to the bushes at the side. lol. A few minits later she poped her head up and said "are they gone?" We were just about to answer her when she bolter across the stree. Same thing when she hit the grass she fell to all fours did a few summersalts and ran away in to the night. Crazy I know but thats not the weirdest thing. Aprox 20min after that one of her firends came looking for her. We laughed and told her the story. When we were finished we aske what the hell she was on figuring it would be some crazy drug. Nope apparantly she had just smoked some pot. We looked at her friend and said what kind of fuckin pot was that and do you have any more.

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