Stupid Purdue University...

Discussion in 'General' started by NC_Blueberry, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. WTF! thats fucked. I thought there were laws against deceiving advertisements.
  2. technically its not false, it says its in the driver, so they failed a drug test, they might not have blazed in a month and they would still be part of that statistic
  3. Misleading advertising like that can suck my dick.
  4. It's harmless in general, If you were behind the wheel on most "legal' drugs it wouldn't be a great decision and could lead to accidents...

  5. It's a misleading statistic, but it may not be an untrue one. Bottom line, i dno't give a fuck. It doesn't say people are high when t hey crash, it says they smoke pot.

    What percentage of the population in the US smokes weed?
  6. It's just the fact that people who are misinformed about marijuana will be further misinformed. We all know that being high while driving doesn't lead to any fatal accidents unless your fumbling around with a roach or something, then i might be able to see it, haha :smoke:

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