stupid move by a friend

Discussion in 'General' started by O/-/-ni, May 18, 2006.

  1. so my friend we will call bob, decided it would be a smart idea to eat an entire 8th of shrooms on an empty stomach before him came to school. a little background info on bob he has only done shrooms once before and is a small guy probley 5'8 5'9, we had bought a 1/4 of these shrooms and i had already eaten mine several days before and warned him that they are very potent and he should do it when he has 8 hours to himself well of course he doesnt listen to me. halfway through our first period class bob chucks up right in the middle of class. after school im kicking it with some buddies outside of said class room and see our on school po po walk in to the class and try to reach bob and lo and behold he doesnt answer. lets hope he doesnt get busted :rolleyes:
  2. that sucks. Why did he do it before school?
  3. your guess is as good as mine
  4. ive never done booms BEFORE school... but i have done them twice DURING school.... its been overall a positive result..... but im also much more expierenced than your friend, much bigger person, lol and i did it so i only trpped during 1-3 classes really.... went fine, i had a blast.:wave:
  5. Wo your buddy sounds like a smart fella, what a goof. All I have to say is WHY? JOE>
  6. I would never want to trip in a public place with people I don't know around me... ever...
  7. What do you mean by chucked up? Barfed?
  8. Waste of some perfectly good mushrooms :D
  9. I cant believe someone threw up mushrooms, I lvoe them!!
    I cant throw up though, i am invincible to throwing up, I have seriously avoided it when I felt like it for as long as I know, and so mushrooms especially I would never risk a buzzkill!
    But I would never risk mush at school either.
  10. I have been in school while on zoomers and lsd before. Neither time I went to classes though and it was far from my 2nd time.
  11. You're not too good of a friend for letting him do that. Im almost sure that your buddy had like 8 hours of hell to go through. I dont think I'd wish my worst enemy a trip like that.
  12. ya he puked um up lebowski and yarostafari i cant control his actions i told him they were very strong and to do them at home alone with no one around. when i saw him puke a little part of me died seeing all those wasted shrooms he hadnt even started tripping to hard i walked him to the office so he could get a new shirt and helped him play it off. the first thing that came outa his mouth after coming outa the office was dude we got to get more so we will be picking up an OZ saturday and lets hope he doesnt puke them again.
  13. 1/8 of shrooms at school sounds prety fun LOL. I would probably only be able to handle like a 1/2 8th.

  14. What? His buddy ate them, he didnt shove them down his throat.

  15. He used telekenisis to become a voice in his friends head, and he told him to eat the shrooms.
    I know because I was using telekenisis at the same time and saw it all, me swears.

  16. bull shit man lol

    i puked on my last trip to see if the rumor that if you puke as your coming up you will trip harder

    and i swear as soon as i puked it was like the floodgates opened, i sat by my toilet staring at my puke for waht seemed like hours then i ventured back into my basement

    so im pretty sure it wasnt a waste hah
  17. your lucky man. i puke at least once or twice a week from alcohol, shrooms, or too much reefer. last few times i tripped i puked up blood :(.

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