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  1. once upon a time, i did favor for a "friend". picked up two bags, one for me, one for him. all in all, weighing 7g. on my way to his house and my own home, i noticed the front wheel of my car feels funny. i pull off the road, about three miles from the "friend's" house, into the parking lot of a store that was closed. one thing to keep in mind, this is all out in the middle of nowhere. i realize my car has a flat tire, and get back in my car to think of a solution.

    even at this time, i am stoned, but break out the zig-zags and my bag of weed so i may change the flat tire in 15 degree weather while smoking a joint. after i've finished rolling the joint, i pop the hatch of my eg, and get the necessary materials to change a flat.

    i remove the lug nuts with minimal effort. but even after i've lifted the car with the horrible scissor-jack as far as the scissor-jack will lift, the wheel will not come off. at this point, i am confused. i think the jack has lifted the car enough to get the wheel off. this is just too much for me, so i light the joint. after taking two or three hits and reassessing the situation, i realize the tire is still touching the ground. i stub the joint, to be re-lit once i am in control.

    luckily i have an entrenching tool in my car, and can dig under the tire. the wheel comes right off after that, and it was quick work to put the donut on my car and lit the joint again while admiring my handiwork. i lowered the jack and put it back in its spot, but as i am rolling the tire to the back of my car, i hear a car door slam shut. i drop the joint, turn around, and exhale/sigh at the sight of a county deputy holding a flashlight.

    the deputy asks what i am doing in the parking lot of a closed store, and i can barely stammer my story of a flat tire. he circles my car with his flashlight, looking at the hole i dug and locating the roach i dropped when he showed up. he asked if i would mind it if he were to search my car, and to my dismay, he said it did not matter because he had found a roach next to my car and that he smelled marijuana when he had gotten out of his car.

    i was fucked. there was another roach in my ash tray with a small bowl to my hookah. he located my bag easily, as it was located in a pocket under the radio. he asked me if that was all, and i told him that it was. he decided i was lying, and searched my car more thoroughly than i had thought possible without a drug dog. i'm not sure if you are familiar with the backseat of a civic eg, but in the middle of the seat it is possible to lift it enough to slid a bag under. that is where my "friend's" weed was located and found.

    needless to say, the deputy was not amused. he said he could arrest me under suspicion of distributing drugs, because i had two seperate bags, but he wouldn't because he was going to write me two tickets, one for possession of marijuana, and one for possession of paraphenelia. tickets because in my state, marijuana is decriminalized. he wrote the tickets and left.

    once i got home, i found about 5 messages from my "friend" on myspace. each of them asking where the f*@& i was. i replied telling him the basics of my story, and he agreed that it sucked balls. my tickets totaled $650. on top of that, my friend told me i had to pay him back for the weed i lost. i disagreed with him on that, because i'm sure i could have told the deputy what was going on, but didn't. tell me if what i said was unfair.

    since that happened, my friend and i hung out on one occasion. i was giving him a ride into the capitol city of our state to buy a bag of weed, and purchasing blunt wraps for him because he is a minor. that day was a success, we got high and drove around for awhile despite a major snowstorm.

    about a week after we hung out, he started talking about how i still owed him money. it was also around this time that i was behind on the payments i had arranged with the state to pay off my tickets. if i couldn't come up with a certain amount of money in a week, i was going to jail. i said i couldn't pay him and explained the situation, and he was a dick about it, so i told him i was going to jail for his bag of weed and that he was an a$%hole for saying that i owed him money for it.

    that was the last time i heard from him until today, when he messaged me on myspace asking if i would give him some numbers because his usual contact was at work (another high schooler). i sent him one number, off of the rejection hotline website.

    does this make me an a$%hole? :D
  2. dude. that sucks.

    i dont think your an asshole though.:D
  3. he's right, you do owe him money.
  4. personally, i could see this story from both perspectives. you got fucked legally and definitely got the worse of the situation but he also got no bud for his money. depending on how much you spent on each eighth would depend on how i would resolve this. lets say it was some quality bud for 40$ an eighth, i would at some point buy another eighth and just smoke it with that kid as a repayment. you both got screwed, no one to blame.
  5. i bought a gram, the other six he paid for, and this is wintertime, in a dry spell.
  6. If someone loses my money, I expect them to get it back.

    But if they're in a tight spot because of they herb they where bringing me, I wouldn't be a bitch, of course, whatever, just get it to me when you can.
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    You do owe him money, especially since he paid for 6g of it; your actions directly led to the seizure of the bag he paid for. Obviously, there is no real obligation to pay him, though, and he should at the very least be willing to let you get out of your financial hole with the state before paying him back. But ya dude, blazing a joint out in the open by your car while his shit is in there too... def owe him money.
  8. he did nothing wrong. neither do you. i dont see why people cant just understand both persons side and just get along...
  9. Main reasons why they can't get along:
    --weed gone
    --money gone
    --direct result of the OP's actions
  10. not your fault. if the police took it then no fuckin way would you be responsible for having to pay him back, not a good friend if he tries to say you do, especially if your already struggling to pay off the tickets themselves
  11. You should pay him back, but he should stop asking until you get all your tickets in order. But he sounds like a douche, that just wants to hang with you because you have contacts and can buy him shit.
  12. Well if I read the story right, it was your choice to smoke the joint. Yeah it was the middle of nowhere, but I mean come on man. I wouldn't smoke in an abandoned parking lot where there's a chance of a cop rolling in, even if it's pretty slim. If you would've waited until after you changed the wheel, you wouldnt've lost bud or gotten tickets. It does suck though, pretty unlucky situation.
  13. ya sorry to say but you owe him for that 6 grams, cuz smokng in public and not noticing the cop pullin up behind you is a stupid mistake and from your actions you sound like a high school kid to, giving him a a rejection hotline number? come on now kid
  14. ya dude i see both sides of the story no doubt.

    I think you were pretty dumb for cruisin around smoking and all that, and I think hes a douche for holdin a grudge against you for 6 grams.

    end of story, you win some you loose some, and i think you both lost this one.
  15. You were at fault for smoking while changing the tire and being too high to notice the deputy. If you hadn't been smoking while changing the tire you would've been fine.

    You do technically owe him the money, but at the very least he shouldn't bitch until you pay your stuff off. And if I were him, I'd forgive you and understand.

    But he wasn't stupid, you were.
  16. Shit... Sweet, that's the first time I've ever said anything in a thread that was agreed to by other people.
  17. you got a ticket and almost a felony for his weed too, in my eyes you don't owe him shit.
  18. If he didn't want to risk a felony charge he shouldnt've:
    A:Carry extra weed.
    B:Smoke weed out in the open in an abandoned area knowing he had someone else's weed.

    How many times on Cops do they come by on a car by itself in an abandoned area, come on man. Look at it from his 'stupid high-schooler' friend's point of view.

    He gives this guy money, expecting weed. He has to sit waiting, getting no response on the internet (I've read a million stories about kids fucking pissed because a dealer isn't calling back and blew them off, and they didn't even front the money like this guy). Hours after he was supposed to get the weed that he bought, he's told no because the guy who was supposed to get it couldn't wait until he got home to smoke.

    His high schooler friend didn't put the joint in his mouth.
  19. Fuck that greedy POS, YOURE the one who needs money. What a faggot, if he was a true friend, he'd HELP you pay them off.
  20. Seriously, please explain how he's a greedy POS. He had nothing to do with the actual situation where the guy got caught. The kid didn't force him into smoking out in public. Yeah, it sucks that he has to pay tickets and shit, but it's his own fault. Maybe the kid doesn't have the money to throw away everytime someone who says they'll get him weed decides to smoke in public (he is in high school).

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