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  1. Well I'm a senior and my last class of the day was health, and we were watching a video on marijuana and the effects it has on the body. Man was I appalled at the type of shit they were saying. At one point in the video they were saying how ganja is more dangerous than alcohol and cocaine in the long run...after hearing that I just put my head down and slept the rest of the class. Couldn't stand it, narrow minded people seriously, I mean how could you really make a comparison like that. Oh well, just gonna smoke a bowl and enjoy my friday. :bongin:
  2. stupid ass government still at it. still doin what do best, bullshit people! i would have said couple words tellin everyone this videos bullshit.
  3. Oh man don't get me wrong I seriously wanted to say something, I have a good feeling I'd have a counter for every point made in that movie. But I didn't want to waste my energy, life goes on there's always gonna be narrow minded people out there, the way I look at it.
  4. Well if weed is more dangerous than coke and you already smoke...
    Ayo for yayo?
  5. I had to take an online health class and I felt the same way when I got to the MARIJUANA section, a load of bs ! CMP'S AND NMP'S must have brought together all of that false info.
  6. Wow don't lie your a freshman. They showed me drug videos freshman year.
  7. lol brought all info together funny shitt. damn i know whats your sayyin crook the ignorant twats would have something to say to you after your facts.

  8. ive had videos of mj 9-12 they jus dont give a fuck n bullshit anyone n eeryone.
  9. Man I remember watching drug videos in my middle school health class too. Same shit, just like a different cast HAHA. I just had 2 bowls of silver haze, I'm ripped. Happy Toking!:smoking:
  10. Ignorant ass people these days. At least you saw right thru the bullshit my man. It woulda been boss if you stood up and told your teacher that his video was outdated and many of the depictions and statements in it were false haha.
  11. back in 7th grade i told my health teacher that the video on MJ we watch was complete bullshit and got sent to the office and a detention. it was well worth it :devious:
  12. Wow.. they should watch what they're teaching kids. They might as well say, drink alcohol and snort coke cuz marijuana is worse! (lies!)

    I heard this kid in one of my classes saying that marijuana shouldn't be legal, and one of his reasons was because "the mexican mafia would get involved." Like, what? I dont even know what he thinks he's talking about. Doesn't even have a real reason why it shouldn't be legal.... but it was clear that he's never smoked before.
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    I rember once i watched a video about marijuana in health class. i said to the teacher "miss this is bullshit, i think every body here deserves to know the truth about marijuana instead of being feed bull shit by the gouverment". i got stood down for 4 days that day just for trying to show people the truth.

    And on this video it has people smoking and they all look wasted and misreble and depressed and start seeing things like clowns and shit?! There shit must be laced because mary aint never treated me that way!

  14. Same situation here. Apparently weed is 300% worse than alcohol.

    I didn't want to make it obvious that I know a lot about weed so I tried to zone out most of class.

  15. yeah it was stupid. They had like clips of people taking like a max of 2 hits, then instantly after grabbing their faces and having wide eyes. I mean seriously I could have made better clips by just filming my usual day :p
  16. It should be illegal to teach shit in school that is demonstrably not true.
  17. Fuckin government and it's bullshit scare tactics. They're always lying to us.
  18. Yeah, I only took a Health Class in freshman year... But maybe it's different where you go to school.

    OR, unless you failed Health your freshman year, then I understand why.
  19. I don't blame you for not speaking up in class. As a senior I think I'd definitely speak up though. Depending on who the teacher was would determine what I'd say.

    You have to speak up next time,
  20. lol you shoulda stood up and say is this video saying I should do cocaine rather than marijuana?

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