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Stupid friends wasting my weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazed Bacon, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. So yeah, story time.

    This past weekend, I went camping. So far, camping has been the best place to toke with friends because the crew I usually camp with, 3 or 4 of them smoke. Also, it's really easy to just walk away from camp somewhere to smoke. Anyway, this weekend only one other person wanted to smoke with me. So we walk along this creek and find a nice place, and light up. Halfway through the J he's taking a sorta big hit when he freaking coughs though the joint and makes a weed cannon, lol. He blew all the bud right out the end of the J. It was pretty funny at the time, but I was kinda bummed because I didn't get much of a high out of that one.

    This ever happen to anyone else?
  2. jesus christ that sucks. This only happens when my friends try and make me laugh while hitting the bong. They will do something funny and I will cough into the bong soaking the weed in water. They dont care since its my bud but I get ready to choke a bitch
  3. i've had friends cough into my piece or possibly bong.. joints to but they are usually SMART ENOUGH TO GET IT OUTTA THEIR MOUTH ASAP WTFFFFFFFFF I WOULD KILL THAT BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Haha, he is a good friend. He just coughs a lot. Has asthma or something. But I bet he won't do it again, or he owes me a few bucks.
  5. Yup, when I smoke people out their first time, so far I've gotten:

    Cough into bong (x2)
    Cough into pipe (x10)
    Cough into joints (x2)

    Those are approximate, so yeah I've smoked with a bunch of noobs until I started smoking by myself.
  6. I have the exact opposite problem... people inhaling way too hard and sucking the weed into their mouths :(
  7. I've only had people cough into bowls and blow everything sucks so bad though it's like all the bud dissapears, you can never find it all.
  8. I have a friend who constantly tells stories while he smokes. Sometimes he gets too animated and throws the weed out of the pipe. I'm always like WTF :confused:
  9. i was trying to get my friend high for this first time. he coughs as he takes the first hit, and the bud goes flying out of the bowl.
  10. I'm guilty i coughed into my friends bong and made the bowl pop out and brake :( i did buy him a new one :hello:

  11. Make a roach out of rolled up cardboard, that will prevent this. That's what I do so you can't inhale the actual bud.
  12. I've never coughed into a piece or a joint in my life. Now im not a super human and have never coughed, but yea if i cough i can hold it in long enough to get the piece or joint out of my mouth.

    A way my friend wasted my weed was when he was trying to be cool, and said oh this roach is dead, then proceded to step on it. Not only was it still really good there was .4 still packed in. The girl he was trying to impress called him a fucking idiot, and said wow your friend is really nice, if you did that to my blunt i would never talk to you again and delete you off my contact lists forever.

    Lesson kid, being wasteful and acting baller doesn't make you cool at ALL.
  13. i was tokin with my from out of a plastic bottle steamroller with tin for a bowl. he takes a hit...hesitates...and then coughs like a motherfucker and blows the whole bowl out and the weed scatters everywhere ! i found ALL the leftover green from that bowl he spilled a few months later lol, and then toked.
  14. Me and a buddy where smoking in my room and he was sitting on my bed I passed him the zong and he took a HUGE hit..and this was like his 3rd time smoking so basically he choked and all the weed and half of the water was all over my bed. Fucking awful
  15. haha dude that sucks i've never heard of anyone doin that with a joint before
  16. I bought a brand new bubbler and my wifes brother drops it and it broke into a zillion pieces. He bought me a new one but I was still steamed.
  17. Had me a nice lil bubbler...
    Dude i was smokin with proceeds to start coughing and blows water into the bowl...
    He passed it and we couldn't figure out why it wouldn't light untill i took the bud out and discovered it was wet...
    atleast he compensated me for the lost bud...
    I then dried it out later and smoked it by myself...
  18. I remember I gave someone some tobacco to roll a cigarette. They rolled it, put it in their mouth, went to light it, and the tobacco was so dry it all blew out of the joint. :p
  19. I hate rookies that cough alot and how loose is the joint that the weed flew out wtf? the kid couldnt take it off his lips before coughing:rolleyes:
  20. hahah ive never had that happen before, quite the opposite actually.

    me and 2 friends were smoking a joint and this one kid(it was his first time with a j)tried in haling and he inhaled the entire joint into his mouth and down his throat a little!! he then coughed it up onto the ground.we didnt smoke the rest of that..

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