stupid deer

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  1. :smoke:stoned as helll coming home from about an hour away town. my friend almost hit 15 deer.. i swear there was about that many.
    it was horrible
    and on the way there, one hit us. -:hello:
    rammed into the back of his van.
    THUMP. :eek:

    anyway. <3
  2. yea man that shit sucks the dam things will cause some damage too
  3. deer will fuck your car up
  4. Man me and my granddad hit a deer in misourri head on. He had an older dodge ram, straight up totaled the front end of it. Free deer meat though :D
  5. Yeah, I have my fair share of deer encounters on a nightly basis, the fuckers are everywhere up here...

    I hit one in the middle of winter once, road was pure ice, was a good 50 yards away from the deer, but as a result of bald tires, broken anti-lock brakes (they would keep me rolling instead of stopping me, lol, rear-ended a guy cause of em), and the horrible condition of the road, we just slid along going a solid 20 or so and had about a 15-second heads-up that we were going to hit a deer. High as hell, as soon as I discover I can't brake, I just go, "Dude....we're going to hit a fucking deer. God dammit." and 5 seconds later we did :p

    killed the deer, no damage to car, drive down the road 150 yards and here's my best friend on the same damn road- he ran into a damn stop sign. broke something, had to call the cops and get it towed and was hilarious, less than a minute down the road and there's my friend stuck in a stop sign, lol.

    I ended up calling 911 to get a sheriff to give me a permit for the deer so I could get the venison and eat it (haha, it's all good, my step-mom is a 911 operator and I called my dad about it before calling 911 and he talked to my step-mom before I could, so when I called, I get

    -Uh, hi, I just hit a deer and I want to get a permit for it...
    -Did you go back to the deer yet?
    -Uhh...yeah....almost there....
    -I've got a guy right by you (it was a sheriff that was right down the road for my friend in the stop sign, lol) that I'll send. Way to hit a deer.
    -Thanks, Brandi....

    good venison, love it....

    wow...I don't even remember why I started this story...good god....:smoking:

    OH- and dude, I think I asked you this in another thread sometime, but where in the hell is Ontonagon?

  6. fuck! is someone from ontonagon? Shit that place is weird, I was fucking lost in Michagan, trying to get to Houghton, and everyfucking road i went on would have a sign to Ontonagon. I can't even fucking say it right I call it Ontanagon. fcuk maybe i don't, i'm blazed asfuck right now, anyway I say it some funny way that my family who live in houghton make fun ofme for. anyway yeah.... fucking deer suck, can't imagine driving blazed out there! paranoid round me too(Twin Cities)

    *EDIT* ontanagon(w/e) is in Michagan(northern)
  7. there are a lot of baby deer right now. They're a lot easier to take out, but not as much meat on each one...
  8. Lets all go eat road kill... WOOO!!11!
  9. I swear their over-populated.

    There's backroads around here where I live where everone around here rolls around to smoke.

    I swear, at night around this time in the summer you'll see like 15 different sets of deer in pairs of like 2 or 3.
  10. dude, no shit....his location says ontonagon, michigan.....

    I'm curious where in michigan it is, I mean honestly...I live here too...saying "northern" doesn't help that much, look at my location, it says northern michigan, lol.

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