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  1. Ive got a few janes under floros and they seemed to be doing fine till a few days ago,I noticed that one of them is refusing to get any taller.It seems to be very healthy but it just doesnt seem to want to get taller. Is this bad or just MJ pms?
  2. How tall? What strain is it?(if you know)
  3. Two of them are 7 in tall and the stunted one is about 5 but very healthy looking.
    They are all from some killer I picked up on my last trip to Texas.
    I'm using 4 2ft floros and a lot of foil,with a small fan that runs 24/7.
  4. How old are they? are they on 24 hour light cycle?
  5. High [​IMG]

    My big Q would be...What size pots are they in??, an what kind of ferts. are you useing?? There are several things that will keep your babys from growing..Give us the whole rundown of your setup..Stay cool an grow big BUDZ.. :D :D
  6. There are three of them in 2 gallon pots,under a 24/7 light cycle.the soil is half steril top soil and half jiffy starter mix. I water from the top when the top inch of soil gets dry and other than that I spray them with water and a small bit of mirical grow every morning and evening.Im just using a few short floro lights I got from a buddy but the plants are surounded in foil and seem to like it.
    the stunted one is the one furthest from the fan should I move it?

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