Stunted plants. Any ideas?

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  1. These ww are about 3 weeks old but look very small and a little burned. Any suggestions?

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  2. Possible over watering? Are you using any nutes? What's your pH?
  3. Well you definitely should not be feeding too often and its looks pretty wet in those cups. Let the cups dry out before you feed again. Also you shouldn't be over 500ppms at this point with the ph at 6.3-6.8. I'm assuming your giving it at least some nutes if its in 3 week old soil.
  4. We only water when it dries out so I don't think it's over watered. We gave it a little nitrogen because we thought it could be a N deficiency. But besides that we have not given it any nutes. Do you guys think I should start adding 20/20/20 nutes? I appreciate the help.
  5. What is your light setup and also how do you know when to water? Crust.. Lifting.. etc?

  6. I have 4 26w cfls (6500k) all daylight lights for veg. You can tell when they need water when the soil looks lighter and is loosely packed.
  7. Actually I think you may be over watering them.. A better way to tell would be to water them.. Lift up the cup.. Feel the weight.. Then don't water again until it feels light.. Also with them being 3 weeks old should be time to start at 1/4 strength highly diluted nutes and start to work them up..

    Also lack of light especially for 3.. 4 cfls are good for one, but you'll need at least 8 for all three..

    Just my .02.. :wave:
  8. Okay thank you for the help! We have a 150 (42 actual w) cfl that gives off soft white light instead of the daylight. Do you think that will be okay instead adding more 24 w daylight cfls?
  9. Also is miracle grow moisture control a good soil to use?
  10. Also do you think miracle grow moisture control is a good soil to use?
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    No problem swizzle and yes you can add the 42 watt in.. I actually have a mixed spectrum for mine as well.. Just make sure to have a 3-1 ratio with your types.. For vegg have more daylight than soft.. For flower have more soft than daylight..

    For cfls the thing to remember is 100 actual watts for the first and 50 for every additional plant.. So if you have the 26's and the 42 you are now up to 149 actual watts so if you want to keep all the girls you'll still have to add more light in..

    Honestly I haven't used it.. I used the regular mg for my first grow and it was terrible stuff.. Way too hot.. That being said I've also used their seedling starter and thought it was great..

    The main thing to remember when looking for soil is a low npk value.. Anything with time release nutes is not good for mj.. What was the npk on the moisture control?
  13. Okay wow thank you for your help samson the npk on the moisture control is 0.21-0.07-0.14. Does that sound good?

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