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  1. These clones are all 18 days off the mother all transplanted on the same day with the same ph 6.4 water all fed one time with 1/4 strength voodoo juice and 1/4 B52 ALLL variables have been exactly the same. Does anyone have any opinions on what may be going on with these 2. Oh and ph runoff is 6.7 light cycle is 18 on 600w MH 1 gal pots Aurora roots greenfield mix soil

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    You are talking about the pictures on the top right hand corner correct? I noticed they looked droopy. They might be going through some transplant shock.

    The reason I am saying this is because some of mine were going through some transplant schock recently because I went against my better judgment and transplanted them during the day. Inside and out of light but then I put them right back into light.

    Usually when I transplant I transplant at night and then give it all night to recover from shock. The last time I transplanted I din't do this and the difference was definately noticeable.

    I'm not saying that's what's going on that was my best educated guess. If anybody knows what it is for sure I definately want to know.

    You also mentioned that the light was a 600w MH. This isn't the light that you rooted the clones with is it or did you use cfl's?
  3. Ya the ones in the top Rt are the 2. The other pics show the dif between them in size and they all looked like that for the first couple days after transplant which was 10 days ago so I also thought shock but then I fed them and 5 took off and doubled in 7 days but those haven't grown a __n inch NO CHANGE AT ALL FOR 7 DAYS!!!!! so this is why I'm confused I don't think it was voodoo its not a nute and I read into the B52 before I gave it to them so.. btw the clones were rooted when I got them those spongy cups I just put them in the pot
  4. Ok so you transplanted 10 days ago correct? Did you clone those plants yourself? This is an important question when you cloned them what kind of light did you use to clone your plants?
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    No I did not clone myself and they were rooted under a floro I think. But no these 2 and 4 others did not show roots thru the starter and yes transplant 10 days ago taken off mother 8 days b4 that
  6. I'm just throwin out all the possibilities I can think off. Sometimes I have problems with some of my plants and can't figure it out then It hit's me ohh I did this and that's why this happened.

    I am speculating now that maybe you should have let them root longer. My clones usually root pretty fast but some clones may take a little longer than others. I wait till their is a good root system going on before I transplant into soil. When I transplant clones I keep them under cfl's for another 3 days before Putting them under a MH or putting them outside to climatize. Whether going from cfl's to MH's or outside I make the change gradual for them I don't just move them straight outside or straight under MH's
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    Ya I had the MH all the way up for the first 2 days which was like 5 feet above them and have gradually lowered to about 1 foot above its all I have Rt now other than the hps bulb and these were the worst 2 I really didn't want to transplant without ANY roots showing but its what the guy brought so it being my first grow I really didn't know what to do so I potted them ....I just think its weird that they have had the same little signs of new growth for several days and no change I mean they either have to grow or die at some point Rt? I'm suppose to get replacements soon he started 3-4 others when he did the ones I got and said if a couple don't take I could have them so they should have a good root base going by now ( the new ones I'm suppose to get that is) could it possibly be the b52? Btw thanks for the back and fourth BRO I appreciate all your input. I don't know how to add a link I use my phone but if you search thread reviving droopy babies you can see what these two looked like the day after transplant if your at all interested
  8. The clones might do fine. Sometimes you just have to experiment to help you learn things like right now I have a plant that's probably about 3 ft tall and I am in the process of flowering her. The plant kinda looks like shit and part of me is telling me to rip her out and throw her on the compost pile and another part of me is curious to see what would happen if I take care of her, then I will know one way or the other. and then if someone had the same problem as me somewhere down the road I can say, just yank the bitch up and throw it on your compost pile or I can say hey bro take care of her like this and she will turn out to be a good plant.

    And plus the guy did say he would replace them right. I just had a problem with a clone because I did something wrong but I managed to save it and it looked like there was no hope for her.

    Some people that sell clones are always in a hurry to pump them out so fast just so they can get that cash and don't always give them to you when their ready.

    It's really easy to make clones once you get it down, maybe you should learn how to make your own, or get them from reputable dispenceries.
  9. this happened right form transplant?// hardened off the roots. its locked up or on its way to. let it dry and water with pH water, no food. make sure absolutly dry and dont go for run off yet. just make sure its wet to what youd think the roots reach to from the transplant. less is better right now till it goes again. i see leaf issues a bit that also back this.
    also only check run off`s when using plain pH`d waster, not food to. i do my clones straigtht to 600 and no issues. keep light up for a day or 2 then right down on them.,was cloned under floiuro tubes
  10. Have those little ones even rooted yet? I've seen clippings (clones) stay alive in rock wool for a very long time and never establish roots. They don't grow, they just very slowly die off. Whenever I get clones that don't show roots, I'll hold it by the stem and give it a little shake. If it pulls out then the root system has not been established.
    If this pisses off your clone supplier then you should jump their shit because they shouldn't be passing off clones that are not rooted properly. :)
  11. It's not all his fault he's a real good dude thing is he started 4 then a few days later I told him I needed 8 and I kinda rushed him that's why he's gonna give me 3 more at no cost which was 10$ a piece and a good friend of mine did his very first grow with this strain and it turned out GREAT so thats why I went with him and not a despensery.

    The ones that ate not growing showed no roots at transplant I pulled the weakest looking one last night and it has one tap root about 2" I put it back and maybe it will grow idk but there getting WAY behind the others and I'm on limited space so I only have so long b4 I HAAAVE to start flower

    I only use ro ph water at 6.3-6.4

    I started the light way up and have lowered it gradually

    Temp has never reached more than 85 and that was only once

    I put the humidity dome on 1 we will see what happens I guess

    Thanks for all the input il keep this thread updated
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    put humidomes on the bad ones today and pulled one of them out last night and it finally has a 2" tap root still no change in appearance don't know if pulling it out was a great idea but whatever I had to know. Hope it takes. Still getting 3 more soon

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