Stunned plants-Need advice

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  1. Long story.. I planted a seed in old/used up soil a pot a couple months ago for the first time just to see what would happen, then it sprouted, then I got new soil (Miracle Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix .03-.03-.03) for it and started doing research. I'm about 7-8 weeks in. It's not very big because I didn't find out about NPK until after I got the soil. It wasn't growing, so I got compost and mixed it into the soil and it helped a little, but it's back to being stunned and it's been like this for a week or two now. It started taking nutrients from the bottom leaves a couple of days ago. I wanted to switch from the Miracle Gro to a Fox Farm (Ocean Forrest?) soil. Is it a soil I don't need to add stuff to? Is it good for the entire grow, or do I need to switch when it goes into the flowering stage?
    The way I've been growing isn't the best, I know, but I knew there was going to be a lot to learn, so I just dove in. I'd like to use a soil I don't need to add nutrients to, or a very little amount of nutrients.
    I have 3 different plants. 2 are Purple Chem Kush and the 3rd is from years ago, so idk what it is, but it might be Purple Kush. I planted them a few weeks apart. All straight into the Miracle Gro soil.
    First one is the oldest PCK. I trimmed it just before it got stunned (did I do it wrong?). Leaves get green on the inside, yellow on the outside.
    Second is also PCK. They're about 3 weeks apart.
    Third is the random seed. The leaves are deformed.. At night, I put the plants in my closet. The past two nights, new leaves are yellow, but get green in the morning when I put them outside. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. I forgot to mention, I bought a pH meter to test the runoff, but it isn't working right and I am going to buy a new one.

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  3. IMO toss and restart

    Miracle grow soil is not good for weed

    more study on you part will prevent false starts

    good luck
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  4. There's a reason I always say not to give up on your plants..These are OP's plants now.

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