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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by the814, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. so i'm [ ] this close to buying an MFLB as i'm looking for a nice vaporizer and the portability/stealth is a def. plus. i see a shit ton of good reviews but every now and then i'll see a bad one. usually about the high. i guess my question would be is hows the high? and is it worth it?:confused:
  2. oh! also if i do buy one where would you recommend getting it from? straight from the site? here on GC? i've also seen a few people recommend another site i can't remember now haha? and how do those packages come as i live in an apartment complex and the packages get delivered to the office then the residents come and pick it up.
  3. I personally didn't like it. I was smoking dank, but it just didn't hit me very hard. It gave me a good productive high where you are fully capable of doing shit like going to work, doing hw, etc. However I like being heavily stoned, and it just didn't give me that. But I have seen lots of people who love the mflb and say its great, so I guess it's all preference. I recommend if you have a friend that owns one, you try theirs and see if it is what you are looking for.
  4. I like vaping and the mflb gives a pretty middling high.

    I would never buy one.
  5. that was my concern. as i've noticed my tolerance building up lately. and haven't been getting as high as i used too. and i've heard that vaping gets you a better high but i also like all the health benefits it has too. and none of my friends have any kind of vaporizer so i'm stuck there
  6. middling?
  7. not great not terrible. average
  8. yeah, that's what i got from reading all kinds of reviews and threads. hmmm... should i save a little more and get the iolite? they seem roughly the same when it comes to portability/stealth and i hear you can get better rips off them. do those get you nice and high?
  9. Nah my roomate has both, with some practice the mflb is a more competent portable vape... however the iolite (in black at least) looks pretty incospicuous

    this is really just my opinion though, man. tons of people are in love with both vapes you mentioned and they are the only two I could ever suggest to anyone. The point being, unless you have safety or smell issues, a vape is always going to sacrifice some part of the high
  10. The MFLB is pretty good (I own 2) but it does have a steep learning curve. I would go with the launchbox over the Iolite any day, mainly because the MFLB is smaller and has a lifetime warranty.
  11. It's an alright buzz, more sort of taking the edge off of sobriety sort of high unless you have a good 15 minutes to puff on it and then you can get a ":D" level of high
  12. hhmmm... alright. i might just go with the mflb. and see if it's for me or not. i'm sure i could sell it fairly quickly if it's not... have you tried it with the wpa? that seems like a pretty legit add-on
  13. how many trenches gets you to that level? and does it still conserve herb?
  14. no more answers? haha oh well... :smoking:

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