stumped on worth

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should I keep it and keep smoking or put it away and stop smoking and buy a glass bong or bowl

  1. keep smoking

  2. save money

  1. I have an acyclic bong with a carb, standard 1foot 1/4 plain bong,

    should I
    keep it
    Sell it
    Stop smoking the few times I do and save for a glass piece

    Thanks for the feedback
  2. I would say you should sell it if you can and get a nice bubbler to smoke out of while you save up!
  3. I was actually looking at hammers and Sherlock's, it honestly didn't occur to me to sell it, thank you
  4. Dude i'd keep it, acrylic bongs are great for when your on your travels (glass ones have a tendency to get broken when they're taken out doors).. Besides them things cost £10 new, about $6. Buy a pukka piece of glass when you can afford it.
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  5. Thank you, I decided to keep it and just wait to get a nice glass piece, my person picked up some blue dream and wow that is good early raiser bud

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