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  1. I have 147 seeds from ASB....49 strains...77 Fem...70 regular

    I have a Diesel clone that is 2 years old & very special, and i need to get it into seed form. I have 10 Afghani regulars seeds from Homegrown Fantaseeds that i will find my stud from from(hopefully) to pollinate it.

    I plan on growing out the 10 Afghani's in a seperate part of the house in one of my secret jardin dr150 grow tents...I will pick out my best 1 or 2males and collect the pollen.

    I plan on pollenating 10-20 Diesel clones in that same tent...

    Eventually i will end up with handfulls of new F1 seeds...then im a little stumped from there on

    Lets say i grow out 20 females out of the new batch of seeds and find a couple awesome phenos....should i go back to the Afghani pollen to pollenate them...or should i have kept and used a male from the new batch to pollenate it with

    im confused on how to get F2...F3...F4..and BX1...BX2...BX3...

    ive read alot about it but i think im to baked or something....

    Can anyone put it into stoner terms please??
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    a male and a female from separate strains= a cross
    after that you get Familial or "Fs" (aka generations)

    so after the cross you then get your F1s, F2s F3 etc. some would consider the cross to be the F1s

    Now most breeders take gens out to F3 and then back cross into original mother to set predetermined traits ( aka BX1). if you have to gen out to a BX 2 or 3 you fucked up in the original cross selection IMHO. and after a back cross the Fs start all over again .

    EDIT: if you are serious I suggest you purchase one of two books ..either Greg Greens "Cannabis Breeding or Robert C CLarkes Cannabis Botany. I prefer the latter ..Green is good at compiling other notes, but Clarke is the true Phd on the subject ( and it shows Gregs book reads like a "how to" and Roberts is a text book .) .
  3. If you are trying to lock down a certain trait you need to inbreed until you get that pheno stable, then you can backcross to P1 afghan if you wish to discover and isolate other traits.
  4. sorry mates...been on vacation overseas....many thanks for the male selection process is under way(10 afghan seeds)....i plan on creating seeds from my diesel, pure power plant, and skunk #1 darlings...i then will grow out handfuls of each to find the perfect male and female to breed again...

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