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  1. hello,
    I am entering my second month of my grow, to be super specific it has been 5 weeks and 2 days since sprout. I am still in veg. Just a few things about my grow to help you guys answer my questions.

    - I am growing in soil (fox farm ocean)
    - in a 7" pot with draining holes
    - it was just bag seed
    - I am using CFL lighting(24hr)
    - fan lightly on plants
    - no nutrients yet (will be buying fox farm grow big)
    - not pHing anything (just got a pH kit)

    Okay so my questions are:
    - should I start adding nutrients before or after I transplant into a bigger pot?(or at all?)
    - my plant is about a foot tall now, should I transplant now, or wait until I for sure see roots?
    - my leafs are looking a little droopy, I know over watering or under watering can cause this, but I feel as if I am doing neither. I water every 2 days, the soil gets bone dry so quickly. Could it be humility?
    - last but not least, my older foliage looks like it is yellowing and dying while getting brittle. Could this be a nitrogen deficiency, or am I over worrying?

    I know this is long and I am so sorry, but I have googled my heart away looking for answers and I just wanted to get a general answer to my questions from a group of different people. Thank you !
  2. post pictures it will be a lo easier to give advice
  4. what are your temps and pH? (I see you just got a test kit, you can test your pH if you water enough that run off comes out the bottom [which you should be doing anyway to prevent salt buildup])

    From me just guessing by looking at the pics it looks like you have a bit of nitrogen toxicity (the glossy leaves are the big giveaway here) and the brittle leaves could be phosphorous lockout/deficiency.
  5. Okay thank you so much, I will do a ph test on it asap. Do you think if I start using the proper nutrients soon the plant will reverse from this deficiency?
  6. im thinking correcting the pH will do a lot more at this point, the plant doesnt seem to be needing anything too much and theres already enough nitrogen. I think you are getting nutrient lockout since FFOF soil is good for about a month~ without adding your own nutrients if i recall correctly.

    for soil you want 6.2-6.5~ pH if you deviate too much above or below you will start getting nutrients being locked out so evenif there is phosphorous the medium the plant cant uptake it.

    another sign of pH imbalance is twisty/curled leaves or other deformities. pH is the first thing I would check if leaves are looking different than they should.
  7. I was thinking the same about the soil. I haven't added anything since I knew there's already nutrients in it. I tested the ph and it came in around 6.5 maybe a little higher. I expected it to be way off.

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