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Discussion in 'General' started by Ease, May 27, 2010.

  1. My pops is in the US atm and I'm just wondering what are some things that are worth gettin from there that you can't get here (Finland)?
    I was thinking like some random shit like candy or something..

  2. Twix! Cheetos puffs, ummm, wtf do you even have in Finland anyway?
  3. Yeah we have Twix.. don't have cheetos though.. Well theres like finnish candy and shit and of course all the usual sodas and stuff..
  4. Flaming hot cheetos!
  5. Cheetos puffs for sure. Um, chips, dip, popcorn, chefboyardee!?!

  6. Say whaaaaat? :confused:
  7. [​IMG]

    Guess you have no idea what that is? :eek:
  8. Probably not possible but Blue Bell ice cream
  9. Tinned ravioli?

    I think I just puked a little..
  10. Beer!!! Which state is your pops in?

  11. That looks fucking disgusting.
    Only in America.

  12. MD

    Trust me Finland doesn't need beer, this is like the drinking country of the world.
  13. Its actually sooo fucking good when you get the munchies. You damn brits always making fun of us lazy Americans. :smoking:
  14. Pretty sure most if not all of Europe is..

    Haha fuck man these people are hating and they've never even tried it. Not only that, he was asking! Chefboyardee is not something they have in Finland :rolleyes:

    I wouldn't eat it all the times but the times we've had hurricanes and had the power go out I would just eat that shit and enjoy it since there really wasn't anything else.
  15. You dont have this? HOW DO YOU SURVIVE?!

    Seriously do you have to make every meal from scratch?
  16. NEVER watch man vs food when high as fuck, that 420 cafe in Sarasota, Florida looks like the shit with their deep-fat fried cheesecakes..:eek:
  17. I'm actually looking forward going there :smoking:

    And why are you asking your dad to bring you stuff from the US since you're so disgusted by it? Stick to your Finnish shit :smoking:

  18. Ahah, well I wasn't expecting some tinned ravioli to even be an option :rolleyes:! But I always see these threads going on about munchie food and the names of the foods sound sooo tasty..
  19. Peanut butter and jelly... IN THE SAME JAR! :O
  20. That's like totally revolutionary maaan!

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