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  1. This week has been a nice fruit basket variety of different weed... thought I'd tell you guys and describe the differences, I'm rather high right now... feel free to give me your weekly list too!

    Saturday: Finished up a couple bowls of the rest of some standard heads. I wouldn't say these were outdoor headies. They are very fluffy and are not dark in color. No name, just weed. It gave me a very proactive feeling and i fell asleep that night very soundly.

    Sunday: I'm dead sick, just feelin' awful. BUTTTTT WE BOUGHT BLACK WIDOW!!!! This stuff is like darrrrrk purple with some green and even yellow intertwined. Smoked a double bubbler, named dub trub bub. Its sooo sooo good, great high. I was very people oriented and was able to focus yet still choicefully zone out. This stuff would make a newcomer to smoking feel as if they were going to the moon.

    Monday- Wednesday: Still sick, mixing a variety of pain/flu/cough medicine tryin to get better. Smoking Black widow every day, feeling great, going to classes, doing homework.

    Thursday-Friday: I was feelin' cheep after buyin that black widow...25$ a g. Bought some beasters. Light green, long strands, white stems, very earthy smelling. Great high, very excited about everything, great for that out and about time.

    Sat: I smoked anything and everything. Multiple bowls were being passed around out front of the dorm, i was drunk and finished up the evening on a great note.

    Sunday: I'm feeling really broke so i bought some i know. Butttt these mids are actually decent. Definately outdoor, smell very piney, dark green, not man seeds, rolled up a green game blunt in dutch form and smoked on that for a long long time...tastes great and now im writin this post high....

    Smoke Often, Live Great

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