Stuff seized in police raid.

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  1. Ok, odd situation. I got this stuff from an auction that was all grow stuff (hoods, bulbs, fans, ballasts, etc) seized in what appears to have been a police raid (there are dates and partial case numbers). We were going to put new cords (they were all cut in the raid?) on and sell them all individually in flea market.

    Well it figures after I get all these things, I got SERIOUS illness in family. I need to move back to midwest quick (am currently in LA). I need to unload this stuff quick (without benefit of repair or work done to clean them up). Anybody got good idea of where I can unload this stuff for quick? I'm not having any hits from ebay or craigslist (which is odd as I'm trying to sell them off for cheaper than others). I don't know if I'm posting wrong place (hence, I'm posting here as some of you might know). Also, I don't know if maybe because the cords are cut (and maybe I should take the time and energy). I'd think if somebody cant put a new cord on, they got no business doing a grow up.
  2. Whenever I see an add on eBay or Craigslist where someone is trying sell stuff in a hurry for whatever reason I think it is a scam. Also I would never consider buying your items if I could not test them before hand, I.e. Cords were cut. Lastly when dealing with 1000s of watts having to splice cords and what not is scary because the risk of burning a house down is great.
  3. Thanks for the response.
    I can see your point. Never thought maybe people were afraid it would be a scam. Especially with me offering it a lot lower (IE if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is). I might have to move the ballasts back to me to midwest and sell it there (as those can be used electrically for more than just grow lights).

    I'd never splice wires either, too easy to electrocute yourself. All you have to do is buy a comparable cord and rewire it. It would take no more than 5 min to do that. Granted thats going to take time to rewire it all to prove they're all good.

    Gives me another idea though, maybe a electrical consignment store or such. They'd have the equipment to test. I would not object to somebody taking them and testing them, but then I don't want them to just disappear with my stuff. Might go down to some of the dispensaries and ask them. I'd feel more comfortable with some place thats a little more stable. That way they can 'take it where ever to test' and it don't mean they're using it to grow MMJ. They might know of people who could use it.
    Don't mean they're growing it. On that thought, might even try some regular garden forums (for veggies and such). Just because these are the big ones, doesnt mean they cant be used to grow regular hydroponics. (If all else fails, I can set it up in a garage and grow tons of strawberries myself in the winter back home LOL)

    I don't want to move this stuff, but might not have another choice as I won't get much back in scrap.

    Sorry for typos and run on sentences. Not going to worry about the grammar today.
  4. pics or details of what u got?
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    can I post the link to craigslist or would that be against the rules? I'm brand new here, so I don't want to get kicked off on my first day LOL. Here is basically the listing

    There's other stuff I know I'm forgetting about. Basically, I'd just kinda like to get my money back (or at least most of it).

    lets just say a lot of stuff big ole 1000 lights
    Please just advise on where I can unload grow equipment. Places in Los Angeles area that might deal with used grow equipment.
  6. You cannot sell stuff HERE.
  7. ah ok, I looked in the rules, but couldnt see if it said anything to that effect. I did notice no spam, but some sites have classifieds for related items to the site (maybe I'll go try those). Well at least I didnt put in my number LOL. I'll try to figure out how to delete the info (before I get tossed). In mean time, question again, anybody have any idea where I could sell this stuff at?
  8. I don't see how I violated these following rules. However, I'll keep my personal items off the board (these werent business items). I'll try to delete the whole account anyway as something is wrong with your internet/server connection. Its taking forever just to download pages from you guys.

    Article 2 - Obligations users
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  9. You haven't violated any rules here......YET. Offering anything for sale here is a violation of the rules but you were asking for the best advice on how/where to sell your gear.

    It sounds to me like your lighting may be high bay style lights. Most of the current styles of remote ballasts have detachable cords both for the lamp and for the power cord. It's easy to replace the lamp cords on the hoods, but might not be a good return on your investment.

    Otherwise, the ballasts may be quite old if they're hard wired. Either way, you've got your work cut out for you trying to sell them via Craigslist or Ebay. There is a glut of grow supplies to be had on the used market nowadays.

    Good luck,


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