Studys Show That Driving With A Bong is Safer?

Discussion in 'General' started by ROCHESTER-420, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. So i was driving today and was wondering if im a safer driver with a bong in my car. i drove around for a little while with it chillin on the ground and ive came to conclusion:
    • never went over speed LIMIT
    • NEVER turned sgarp
    • WAS extra Cautious

    But even tho i was a good driver i still had a huge risk for doing this task. So that's a HUGE negative!

  2. You could replace the bong with anything fragile if you're worried about the po.
  3. Imo joints are the only semi safe thing to do driving
  4. CONS: when you hold the bong like that, cops see it and the perc doesn't function to its best ability.

  5. haha you dont look suspicious at all.
  6. How is this a study? You could also put heroin in your car. Bet your ass you drive safer with that in there.
  7. It really depends on if you're talking about driving with a bong in the car or hitting the bong while you are driving
  8. idk but that picture is fuckin awesome.i wouldnt be able to drive with a piece like that but maybe a small bong. pulled over u r fuuuuuuuucked ha
  9. so you hit a bong while driving
  10. Now that I think about it hitting a bong would be dangerous as fuck driving because you need at least one hand and you take your eyes off the road
  11. Im not saying its safe while driving im saying ur a way more careful. Your more worried about ur piece getting broken so there for i was forced to drive slower..more cautious ect.

  12. and at the same time u keep lookin down to see if ur bong is broken or if ur lighting the bowl right.:eek: this is for professionals only
  13. No. Safer than what?

  14. either a... hit It at red lights. Or b.. feel for the bowl with your thumb and then light it up and h it and kinda guess on your milk and then clear it when u feel its right.
  15. Um. You driving around with a bong and driving safer isn't a study. It's just you being silly.
  16. Wowow bro.
    S'all I got to say. Wow.

  17. wut????

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