Studying while you're high, good idea?

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  1. So I've been studying these past few days for some upcoming exams and it's been really tough because I lose my focus so easily. I just get sooooo bored, anyways I was thinking of lighting a bowl before studying, has anyone else tried this? The only thing I'm worried about is that I might forget everything I learned or learn nothing at all and just assume everything my brain is processing will be correct. When it might not be :confused:
  2. You'll probably forget stuff. It WILL help you focuse though. I have ADD and it always helps.
  3. You have to be adequately good at studying and retaining information sober when you try this, and have a good bit of practice at retaining information in general while you're high, also you at least be interested in the subject matter that you're studying; and if its already boring its just going to make you more easily distracted.

    I tend to read books or write essays when I'm high, but if I'm not genuinely focused in something it makes it much harder to attempt.
  4. studying for an exam while high = bad

    writing (bullshitting) a long paper while high = good
  5. study high score high
  6. If you study high, take the test high.

    My psychology teacher first class actually said that. I was baked every class and got an A.
  7. I had to smoke to study world lit and general psychology, the most boring shit ever. If you can remember shit from when your high then go for it. I got a B+ in world lit and I would go stoned basically everyday.
  8. fucking truth. now i write just about every single paper high
  9. Don't know, I've never studied.
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    I would certainly prefer this but honestly I can study fine while high I just always take the test high cause on tht movie beerfest he said if u learn something intoxicated u will remember it intoxicated so yeh lolol probly a terrible approach but oh well :)
  11. doing written/typed homework high always works better for me than studying high.
  12. No no no. Its
    Study high
    Take the test high
    Get high scores!
  13. Depends, everyone is different

    Weed makes my mind race more than it does usually, and I have bad ADD.

    I bring out the books and can't even read the first sentence without losing focus
  14. i study alot better when i just smoke a little, but if i go past a certain point no studying will be done at all
  15. I find it helpful in a way because i get more into the read/ my study...
    Downside... I dont remember wtf i studied the next day :3
  16. I did an exam on Yeats and his poetry last year and I was high as a motherfucker. Studied while high too.
    Got an A and was told that I should do a thesis on Yeats next year.

    I'm a very high achiever ;)
  17. If you're going to study high, you will need to take the test high.

    Not going off on some "How high" stuff, just off of psychology. Your mind will retain information in certain states. Such as a certain smell or sound will trigger memories..

    It's just another function of memory. So if you're going to study sober, take the test sober. If you're going to study high, take the test high.

    Here's a link about State Dependent Memory (hey maybe my college education really did do me some good, I haven't had to use any of this information yet :laughing:)
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    No it is not a good idea. Cannabinoids have been scientifically shown to block short term memory receptors. This is where the myth comes from, weed kills brain cells. It doesn't kill brain cells, it just slows the ability of your short term memory gland. The bad part is that cannabinoids can stay in your blood for up to 4 weeks, if not more, so while they are present in the blood they can disrupt and block those memory receptors from properly functioning correctly. I quit smoking after freshman year of classes, those were the easy classes and I managed to get by with an A average, but it was a lot easier without the herb.

    Not saying someone can't be a smart smoker, but smart non-smokers are on a completely different depth of knowledge. I would say that smoking introduced me to cool concepts, but I didn't fully understand those concepts until I finally realized the in-depth and descriptive knowledge of those concepts, they seemed way less cool than they did before when I was high.

  19. Read what I posted above you. The substance is irrelevant, as they've done studies regarding this with alcohol even.

    It's all about state dependent memory.

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