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Studying Abroad & Traveling Through Europe: Your advice & suggestions please.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ratrickx103, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Blades,

    I am an Economics and International Business dbl major. I leave the 28th of December for Bruxelles, Belgium for 6 months. I have class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

    I have some travel plans already, but through everyone's experiences, what are some great places to go to that I shouldn't overlook? Specific locations and activities are most welcome.

    Also, any general advice on Europe and cannabis in Europe. Thanks Blades!
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    But seriously man, that's really cool. I plan to take my Philosophy major to Hiedleberg Germany for a semester as well in about a year, so I'll be right behind you.

    I don't have much knowledge on cannabis in Europe as I did most of my travelling when I was far too young to even consider looking for it, but I can definitely recommend some sites. Hiedleberg, first of all, is this awesome and beautiful college town in Germany, and really feels like a German Athens, GA or Ann Arbor, MI. It is also littered with old castles from the feudal period that I definitely would have enjoyed thoroughly stoned. Also- the world museum of torture (I'm not kidding) is nearby, as well as an entirely walled city built of medieval stone, where shops and people still reside.

    If you're making your way through eastern Europe, check out some places you might not think to! Prague, Budapest, though these places are generally regarded as "dirty eastern European" locations to most Americans, they are in fact supremely beautiful and have wonderful cuisine.

    Just be open minded. Don't go on tours. Do your best to fit in with a crowd of people and do Europe the way the Europeans do it. Don't be an American tourist, you dig?

    P.S. If you don't act like an American tourist, I'll bet you have better luck finding good shit at a good price. You might also want to learn the German phrasing for "Where can you find me some dank ass shit?"
  3. Yeah King I'm so incredible excited. I've worked my freaking ass off and It's really starting to pay off.

    I plan on hitting Prague for certain. Also, I've hosted several exchange students over the years with my family so I have some good favors to call in. I figured that being with cool chill locals is the best way to do things!

    I just plan on seeing as much of europe as possible. My friend goes to Hiedleberg and another goes to Bonn for economics. It should really be an excellent experience. Where do you go to school?
  4. Right now I'm at UGA, but I may transfer, who really knows? I do know I want to spend a summer abroad, and hopefully Germany. Always good to call in the locals, they'll hit you with everything you need to get the full experience and not the watered down American one. Do you know any German? If so I'd definitely recommend just spending days trying to live life as if you were in America, go shopping, go to a favorite spot as the locals, and take it in as if you live there (because you do!)
  5. you should check out spain. i spent a summer there and it was crazy. very chill people that love to party. i would highly recommend one of the many festivals that occur throughout the year
  6. Poland (Warsaw, lots of events happening there near year round. Make some fantastic beers and vodka too. Lots of unique food to try). (Same applies to Krakow, but you get the added aspect of being on the coast).

    Italy (Rome, way too much to see here in one trip. Especially if you love Roman artefacts. Great grappa and of course the food is intense!). (Northern italy has fantastic mountains, view and some amazing wine and grappa farms)

    Switzerland (Zermatt, and the train ride up there. Fantastic snowboarding in the winter, lots and lots of off piste. Summer has some of the best views in the world. Good beers here too and some rather lovely cheeses)

    France (Paris has lots of food, views and musicals. Lots of cafes and women. Very nice to explore the city at night) (Nice is very tranquil beach town perfect for just chilling out in the sun)

    Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg are all amazing cities with different feelings throughout. Germany has some great foods like Weisswurst. Yum. And the beers need no introduction)

    I am tired of typing so i'll leave it at that. I have visited most cities within Europe, so PM me if you need to know more
  7. I feel like traveling now. Possibly the best use of money for any reason.
  8. berlin
    pompeii and florence

    those are all def places u should visit while in europe

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