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studying 3 hours later after you got high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lopeturtle, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. so on monday i have a pretty hard us history test, but i wanted to blaze during lunch on sunday. my question is, if i blaze at like 12 in the afternoon on sunday, will i be able to study by like 3 or 4, or will my brain not retain the information as well since i just smoked a few hours back?
  2. Thats pretty personal. How are we going to know how weed affects you?
  3. Depends on the individual/how much tolerance you have. If it is important and you are worried you might not want to chance it. You should be coming down unless you have really good bud/really low tolerance and will probably be fine. However, you might want to watch out for some burnout. I have a better chance of studying and retaining when I'm stoned then when I am super burntout or tired.
  4. ok how about this: how would YOU guys feel if YOU were to do this.
  5. perfectly fine.
  6. Its not like when your high, your brain just completely shuts off, it is more like this... Your short term memory goes into a flash mode... when you put something in it, that the brain dismisses as useless, its fucking gone, now studying, your brain should recognize the activity as attempting to access the long term memory, and it shouldn't be much of an issue, especially if you have acclimated to cannabis... for someone who just started, no, you will probably fail at studying so rough it wont even be funny. But the brain adjusts to what should be stored in which location, its a very strong processing organ
  7. the more important question may be: do you NEED to study?
  8. When I vape and study I get really detail oriented, so I'll make study guides/ outlines or write papers. It really depends on you personally though.
  9. I used to always study high lol. Actually i still will if i ever study lol
  10. Snort Adderall.
  11. If you're still new to Pot, then you'd utterly fail at studying, but I don't know how it affects you so I probably can't tell you.
  12. Fuck school! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

  13. Right there with you buddy :smoke:
  14. i love studying while high. i used to not do it because i thought i would lose all the info but amazingly i dont. idk how weed affects you but you might as well not risk it if it is important
  15. well for the most part if you are under an influence, you will only remember what you did while under the influence again, but this is scientific shit. If you want to take the test high you should study high ^^, otherwise i wouldn't suggest it. If you wanna look it up the theory is called state dependent memory.
  16. "Fuck school *****, I'ma be a dope deala!"-Ice Cube

    Right on bro! :wave:
  17. I cannot study while high. But thats me. Why not save it for when you're about to have a good time? If not, maybe try taking a power nap before studying after you're done being high.

  18. This man speaks it ^ :metal:
  19. It's pretty funny how this guy asks if he can study three to four hours after smoking and nearly everyone responds with, "Yeah, man, I love studying when I'm high!"

    I used to employ the strategy of studying three to four hours after smoking, and I got straight As. The OP sounds like he's got his head on straight, which is more than I can say for the rest of the knuckleheads in this thread. :D
  20. Well wendesday I just smoked then did this packet for my antatomy class a 97 on the test which was how I studied. Although I was spacey but 3 hours should be good. Good luck I just took a us history test today shit was difficult.

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