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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GreenLeaf, Jun 25, 2002.

  1. A week or so ago I was doing this history report for school. I was really stressing about it and i remembered i had a bit of a joint left over, so i smoked it. So there i am, sitting in my room trying to write this fucking report, and i just cant concentrate, then its like this intelligence came to me and i knew what to write, i thought i was was on fire, i was writing so much i was proud of myself, and i finished it. SO i just tripped out in my bed for an hour or two. When i woke up the next morning i went to see my report i was so proud of......and it was the biggest piece of shit! I couldn't read half of what was on there, I was writing about this painter and i had written about his pet dog.

    Now thats comedy, anybody else had any similar experiences?
  2. You need to hear me explain commercials on the radio and TV when I'm feeling enlightened. I can tell you who they are trying to target and how good the product is all based on the presentation of the ad.
  3. My better half thought it would be funny to put a small tape recorder in the room one night when we got high. You should have heard the CRAP that was spewing from our mouths.

    I would think it would be pretty funny to video tape it sometime, but I can't get the thought of those morons who video taped themselves tearing up someones house only to get busted by a cop that found the tape later!...but it would be funny!
  4. yo big poppa poff

    HELLL YEAH, i know EXACTLY wot u r talking about...about looking at those ads, and analysing the shit out of them...i guess one particular expirance was just amazing...
    me and a bunch of friends who all take the same marketing course at university, were chilling at this guys place watching tv...watching some show or something....and then the ads come up....we discribe who they target, wot symols they use, and all that shit....and analyse the shit out of them....the next thing we realise...that the part of the show is finished...and the next set of ads, are up...we kept missing wot was on tv...just cuz we were descrbing the ad the got us FUCKED...

    the new sprite ad...where a gremlin is served instead of the sprite...this was the only one, where no one could say anything....but then we realised the advert when we were sober....

    they made it so confusing on purpose...that the next time we get a drink or something....we remember the advert and try to figure it out...and thus buy it....or maybe....cuz it leaves an unansered question in our that we wanna know the answer of...that we will try to do it the next time we buy it...

    know wot i mean
  5. yeah i have the same problem.....every Friday night me and my flatmate solve the problems of the world... the next morning they've gone and screwed it all up again......Peace out..... Sid
  6. thing is everyone i know when theyare stone starts solving probelms of the worl...and never eally for self better ment, but for the betterment of the world


    if the world world was stoned...or atleast hte politiicnas were stoned...all the problems would be solved

    maybe they shoudl tell the iseralies and the palisitinast to have ajoint beofre their meetings

    or the indians and the paki's

    or the etheopieans and eiriatnas

    dude...everyone should just get caned!
  7. I've done the video tape thing before. The trick is you just stop recording when you are actually smoking.

    A bunch of friends and I took a road trip to Pocatello to play frisbee golf for the day. We took two video cameras and had them running the whole time. Good Times. ;>
  8. well gotta do a report now that "requires a lotta immagination and creativity"....hahaha giess wht i am gonna do to get into the mood!!!

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