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  1. me and my friend mike went on a disc golf road trip the last week of our last high school summer. which was about 9-10 months ago. for a 4 day trip we smoked a quarter, ate 26 CCC, drank a bottle of vodka, and had a fucking blast. well on the first night that we took the CCC we took 14 each, he ended up puking up sour straws, so his puke was brown/bright blue. after that he felt alright and was starting to trip, then wham! his hair is caught in the tent, and i'm rolling on the floor. luckily i wasn't tripping to hard and i grabbed the camera and snapped a pic.

    mid-trip that night, while trying to get a fire started i decided to put some gas into a gatorade bottle with the cap fitted to your lips. i was trying to spray the little fire with the stream from the bottle, and when i finally connected the flame jumped up the stream and started the tip of the bottle on fire. so i'm tripping pretty hard and whenever i spin around or squeeze the bottle, it sprays a line of liquid fire. FUCKING NUTS. mike was just laying on the ground like:eek: the entire time. he was gone, and i thought he was going to freak out and take off or something he looked so scared. i just threw the bottle as hard as i could at the swimming area of the place, keep in mind it's like 2am and we are camping in michigan with families all around us, and it died out in the air. that was a relief, when i let it go i just pictured this enormous explosion that woke everyone up, but nothing.

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  2. ccc's are bad news bears.

    cool story man. i liked it.
  3. i don't know about that scooby. i took ccc's three times, 10 the first, and i felt little to no effects. second time i took 14 and couldn't even think about anything other than dying. and i took 12 and was in a state of bliss. it's all about the right number. i look forward to doing them again, but i haven't in over a year.

    here's the lake where i threw the flaming gas gatorade container, and me standing after the 9 pieces we smoked. you can vaguely make then out at the front of the blanket where my feet are pointing.(or at least my right foot) which was a task, the smoking and the standing after 9 bowls. there's also a few more pics from the roadtrip, cool holes and whatnot.

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