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stuck north of nyc

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by muddyh2o, Feb 17, 2009.

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    so, we're now suburban and we've not been to a'dam in too many months. seriously though, our friends are in the city and we see them far too infrequently and they don't want to share.

    we want to come home, fire one up, pop a bottle and kick back.

    so, north of westchester, how do you find a hookup? we're not quite young so we don't really party out.

    anyway, i saw some recommendations on here for good places in the burbs to check out in minneapolis and atlanta. whaddabout ny burbs?

    someone will flame me, i'm sure. i'm putting on the asbestos keyboard, but how does an older / oldish couple find a hookup?

    delivery services from the city don't want anything to do with us, even if we paid a premium for delivery costs. oh well...

    anyone got some ideas for losers like us?

    seriously, does anyone have any advice for how to best proceed? thanks in advance for helping us out.
  2. Save up, go to the city, and buy in bulk from a friend's dealer every once in awhile. I'm not sure how much you smoke, but if you don't mind dropping a few hundred to a grand you could save a lot of money and not have to make too many trips. If that's not gunna work, try food co ops, fast food restaurants, pizza boys, etc. Just ask em casually if they can hook you up cause your dry and if they don't smoke, no problem, you can't go to jail for that. Just don't look like a dipshit and offer to smoke them out (so they know your not a cop and as a reward for the hookup) I guess this is kind of long n I'm rambling, anyways, let me know how it works out, smoke on my man :smoking:
  3. I have a house there in New York State where I go for a few times a month and I just bring my weed up there to smoke. It does seem it would be harder to find weed up there. I hope you find some for yourself.

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