Stuck Mendo Kief Catcher

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  1. I love my 2.25" Mendo of over 20 years but due to abuse and flooding, etc, the Kief collector is stuck. How to free it?
  2. Soak it in alcohol :thumbsup:
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  3. 2 days in the alcohol. No change.

    I guess vice and monkey wrench option is in order.

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    If it's all metal put in the Oven at 250 for 20 minutes and it should loosen. Wear gloves as it will be a bit to warm to do bare handed. Shouldn't need to vice and pipe wrench as they will scar it.

    The other trick is wrapping each half in a fabric belt like the straps on your tie-downs. Grab each set of tails with pliers and start winding in opposite directions.

    This works for unscrewing a wide range of things like the stuck light bulb in the fridge you can't get a grip on and you just know is going to shatter in your hand.

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