stuck glass in ash catcher

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  1. alright so i bought this inline diffuser off a dude i know the other day for a real good price..[ame=]YouTube - WTP review[/ame] ... the kids piece fell over and the stem of the bowl that slides into the inline snapped and is now wedged in the slide. i tried many things to get this out but its completely stuck in there and i dont want to break the glass. anyone have this issue or have any suggestions on how i can get this peice out so i can actually use this baller ass inline?
  2. ok so i got a few questions, are yyou saying basically like, his slide broke and the male connection broke off on the female connection? if so, its not too terrible hard to get out. happend to me a few times, i used a wire coat hanger and pulled it out, basically what i do is get something tto fit inside that broke piece so we can pull it outwithout it breaking more inside there or breaking your female.

    needle nose plyers,
    bobby pins,
    wire coat hanger.

    things with springy tension that will fit inside and u can wedge em in there and pull it out.

    idk if that helps. maybe im 2 high to have read it correctly. leme know.
  3. Im high too so let me show u what i mean with a pic i found online... [​IMG]
  4. Are you wearing white millis in that video OP? If so, then you can just go ahead and buy yourself some new glass lol.
  5. thats not my video i was just posting it so people can see what the piece looks like
  6. stick ur finger in the hole and pull it out. its not that hard.
  7. ha i tried that... the piece is legit stuck in there

  8. Oh okay haha the person in that video is wearing $2,000+ sunglasses I thought it was you.

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