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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by fcgunner, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Hey GrassCity, I'm here in the box to present a thought, which I thought, was rather profound. I'm sure this view is shared by much of the country, but I feel this thought and example really define it.

    Look at the number of users on this website. Then look to the number of posters, and better yet, active consistent posters. You'll find a major division in the number of quite bystanders, versus the active outspoken users. My question is, what is the genesis of that divide? Is it ones own empowered view of him/her self that convinces them their ideas are worth sharing with other members of society? Does it take somebody so exceptionally confident in their views to have their very mention be engraved in the digital stone that is an archive? I feel neither of those are true.

    I turn to you, blades, tell me what you believe makes up the hot tub that sits dwarfed, in the center of the enormous pool that is the general forum user population.
  2. I just post because I have shit to say :confused_2:
  3. I think a lot of my post, as well as many other users take place in you laugh you lose any way so thats about the same as not posting.Most inactive users probably log in, smoke and then forget what they were doing and do something else ha ha.
  4. When I first started using forums (computer programming/security ones) I was intimidated by other people and didn't have confidence to post. After a while I lightened up and now I post alot more on forums, even if I'm new to the community I feel more comfortable.

    I'm not saying thats the reason for everyone though, maybe some people just don't feel like they have anything to contribute, or just enjoy reading posts and learning.
  5. Rather than simply reading the title of a thread and jumping to the end to post, i will typically read it and post if i can think of something of value that hasn't already been said.

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