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  1. Are my plants ruined i left them for two days without checking on them and they stretched like 3 inches with two small leaves on the top. Should i toss em or is there something i can do to save them. There only 7 days old.

  2. Any pics

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  3. i've already removed them from there dome and place them in cups and filled the cups up with soil

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  4. There fine, just grow as normal and when you pot up just bury the stem up to the rounded leaves.
  5. It's hard to tell how much is stickin up out of the cup but usually if mine stretch I bury them til there's only an inch or so stickin out.
    If you just transplanted then I'd take some toothpicks or something and prop them up. Put a fan blowing lightly on them, drop your lights as close as possible and cross your fingers.
    You should be ok tho
  6. Thanks for the response, there only sticking out about an inch or so  
  7. Just bury them up below the leaves. Bury the white root basically.

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    Indeed, you can bury the stem all the way up to the cotyledon leaves (the first set of rounded leaves) when you transplant them. 
    As for them not being able to support themselves, if they get there, Slit a drinking straw longways, and wrap it around the stem. No need to ever remove it. 
    You can also keep a fan on it, to add strength to the stems and bulk them up. If your leaf tips/sides/edges start to curl up, you have wind burn and there is TOO much air blowing on them.

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