Stretching, ways to control?

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  1. I'm aware of LST but look at the pic, I can' in anyway that would put it UNDER the light. Should I bend it slightly regardless and tie it to the side And let it grow sideways towards the light? I do have a little more vertical room for the.light but my LSD is.not as tall and I don't want to increase light distance.

    Suggestions that wouldn't stress and hermie the plant?

    Only thing that comes to mind is to upgrade the tent size and get a taller one but then again, LSD iS not as tall and would be lacking light if I kept moving the light more and more up. Plus the liberty haze hasn't grown much taller since its kind of reached the light height... I do maintain good temps though so the tops are not light burned. Help!

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  2. Move the light up, bend it slightly and tie it down. Put the short one on a milk crate or a short table.
  3. Thanks. It's gonna have to be on a table since I'm in smart pots and they need capillary action with the ground or the roots will grow out of the bottom.

    Will do as you said and bend the top slightly. Not experienced enough to super crop and I.don't.want to.end.up breaking the main stalk.
  4. Start training early and the plants will already be used to it by flower.

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  5. First grow... didn't know :( definitely will be training from the start next grow. Thanks for your help! If it starts getting too tall I'll just get a taller tent and put the smaller plant on a stool or something.

    That way I'll have separate tents for.veg and.flower anyways.
  6. That main stem is not too thick to tie down. Plants are quite flexible. You may not be comfortable doing it but i garauntee it could be tied down horizontal with the canopy.
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    Thanks for the responses guys. I bought a BIGGER tent with more width and height room for all 3 of my plants, it will be here in 2 days :) At which point I will let my liberty haze grow as tall as it would like to !! Can't wait :D I know the liberty haze has a long way to go - I have the longer flowering phenotype and I don't really want to hold it back from growing as big as it wants to get.
    I could definitely tie down the main stem, but it doesn't bend in a way to actually make it horizontal if you know what I mean. Regardless, I've tied it down slightly to get more light to it until my bigger tent arrives.
    I'm gonna put the LSD up on a mini adjustable height table to get it closer to the light and just let the liberty haze grow... I got a whole 1 1/2 feet of extra height with the new tent I just ordered. Much pricier, but the quality is also better :) This tent is meant for like 1 plant (grown properly) and I did not realize they would grow THIS big. Next grow is gonna be a whole room lol with each plant having enough room height and width wise to grow to its liking!
  8. Had a pair of White Widows last summer refused to stay below the wall top.. A kept ruthlessly folding them over.. Just pinch where you want to fold her.. A couple of times I feared I had really hurt them but they always snapped back in a day or 2.. Six times I folded them over in all .. Top colas finished laying horizontal just fine..
  9. I don't like the idea of super cropping main stems, but you would be supprised how flexable they are.

    I massage the stem to help make it bend. Not quite as stress inducing as super cropping but works in a similar way.
  10. Great tip!  I guess it just comes natural when you train more...
  11. ok u can put it to the far corner, or i can suggest u use a supercropping technique, but it will add a week to ur flower time.  take the main stem and snap it but dont break the outer stalk. bend it so its sideways and where its broke at the plant will heal itself producing a big not there for more nute uptake. the top will get bigger and more frostier from healing itself, but it will set u back almost a week

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