Stretching my septum

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  1. I want to stretch my septum so I can start wearing crescent pinchers. I'm want to go up to 8 or 6g. I've had this piercing for about 4-5 months and its healthy. Now my questions are:

    What do I use to stretch? Can I use stainless steel pinchers?
    Can I use oils to help with the stretch?
    How long do I wait between stretches?
    Can I wash the piercing with dial and water if it gets weird?
    Will it hurt? :cry:

    Thanks for all the help and feedback.
  2. Use a taper or the taping method only to stretch.
    You can and should use jojoba, emu, vitamin e, heck even olive oil will work in a pinch.
    I would wait at least 3-4 months between stretches. This is just a general minimum guideline, you may need more time.
    You only need to wash in the shower with just water or a sea salt soak (1/4 tsp of salt to 8oz hot water). The soap will be really drying and can irritate the piercing.
    Stretching should not hurt, although with the septum I'm aware that there is some discomfort once you start stretching into the cartilage and pushing it around.

    Just be careful and listen to your body. If it feels painful, you should probably stop. :)

  3. So with the tapers, okay. And I have stainless steel plugs, can I put those in the piercing after its been stretched? Wouldn't it be like wearing a retainer?

  4. You should try to use stainless steel tapers, regardless of the area you are stretching.
    What kind of oil will you be using? That makes a big difference.
    For your septum, I would say to give it at least a good month between stretches.
    You can use whatever soap you want :p
    Yeah, your septum is a really sensitive place, it's going to hurt.

    But, you should do it anyway, stretched septums are pretty hot.
  5. My question wasn't answered though. I just want advice on this to avoid a septum blow-out or anything of the nature.
  6. I never got why some people are apposed to stainless steel pinchers for stretching. What wrong with them? Is it the shape or that some can get crooked?

    And I'll probably use vitamin E oil since its sold nearby at target.
  7. It's the fact that the pinchers are not gradual enough to the next size. Use a taper and follow through with whatever jewelry you choose.
    Or use tape and tape to the next size.

    you'll avoid a blowout and anything of that nature by stretching slowly, allowing your body plenty of time to heal at the next size, using lube when stretching, and using proper, non-prous materials. Titanium is recommended.

    Have you looked at They are basically the best body jewelry site online. They also have a message board/forums section with a lot of helpful members and an active section specifically for stretching, as well as a lot of 300+ pages of septum threads.

    Oil type won't matter too much. Vit E is fine, I use jojoba. Just make sure that the entire taper and piercing hole are lubed up well. The most important thing with stretching is: If it hurts, stop and wait longer. Don't force anything, that's how you will get a nasty septum blowout.

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