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  1. I have two seedlings down and at day 3 they're both 3 inches. The strain is blackjack from Nirvana and they're under a 400w mh light. I read somewhere that at 80°-90° the light should be 18" away from the top of the plants so that's what I was going by as my temp was an average of 84°. After measuring them and seeing they grew an inch since yesterday I blasted my ac and got the temp down to 75° and lowered the light to 14" but I can't keep my ac on all the time or I'll have a $600 electric bill (with the light it's already high). The temp is 85° right now and I have the light 14" away so they don't stretch but I don't want to burn them either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. What state do u live in
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  4. They really are not that tall...if you are worried about it you can top off those pots with soil. It will help sturdy them.and then start slowly hardening them off outside. ..keep them in the shade at first...start with an hour the first day and so on.
  5. I would also find a soil a little more suited for seedlings. That stuff looks a little rough.
  6. Just curious what part of pa?
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    Thanks! I'm definitely gonna do that. And yeah the soil is a little rough and I didn't realize until I started planting but I plan on getting different stuff this weekend.
  8. Born and raised in cali...but I lived in Pittsburgh for 10 years....awesome state
  9. When they are outside you have to watch them constantly...they are so tender as seedlings it doesn't take much sun to hurt them...but once they adjust there is no light on the market that can compare.good luck
  10. Thanks for your help, it's greatly appreciated
  11. Your lights too high, 18 is a max height for that light, you want it more like 12" from them. I keep my 600 watt MH/HPS at 15". lowering it to 12 should stop the stretch even though they really shouldn't stretch much at 18. It's very easy to control stretching in soil plants with the light height.

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