Stress...n weed

Discussion in 'General' started by Stringer, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    Just was thinking...with the help of a bowl of course.

    I'm stressed right now due to having a lot on my plate that means a lot to both my short and long-term future. Just feeling overwhelmed basically.

    Now, I love smoking weed. However, I notice that it actually doesn't really help me relieve stress. I enjoy it much much more if I have nothing to do and I just can sit there worry-free.

    Anybody else like this? Any tips for being able to set your problems aside for a bit and just chill out? It's not that I'm avoiding my problems (just a big to-do list), it's just that I need to enjoy my downtime when I take it.
  2. so dont smoke weed when you're stressed, if it doesn't work for you then don't do it, it will onl cause more problems
  3. I realized this when I first started smoking in high school. I usually smoked with the older brahs, and never understood how they chilled out so well :cool:

    I guess it just came experience that it helped me relax in my down time. (Not saying you're inexperienced). It could also be because it doesn't affect you in that matter.

    My roommate whom is a first time smoker has trouble chilling out sometimes, and I think it's just being use to the mindset of just being high and not concentrating on getting high. That's how I see it :D
  4. Something that always helps me is having a friend to smoke with...once we are high we usually just start talking about the most random shit and completely forget about anything else that is going on...pretty much it helps you forgot about your problems. Good luck!
  5. I understand what your getting at. When I have something important coming up in the next few days and I smoke I usually just concentrate on that particular event. My best highs are when I'm just chillin' at my place or a friends and watching a show or a movie with nothing to do that day.
  6. I agree, but that's how it should be, best highs are during the best of times :smoking:

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