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Strep Throat

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GimmeTheGreens, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know if a throat culture can find thc? I think I have strep and I wanna go to the doc for it soon. Should I wait?(which would really not be good with how bad it is) or just go and see what happens. and I dont think anything would happen anyway....right?
  2. I just got a throat culture and I smoked a bowl right before I went. Nothing happened. They would never go out of their way to find something just to fuck you over with, especially with how money is right now. The only way they would test you for thc is if you're there for a drug test.
  3. Sick, thanks.

    Ima go get this shit fixed asap than cause it fkn hurts
  4. enjoy your cough syrup :)
  5. peeps die from untreated strep dude...but its not a test for chemicals
  6. Yeah I had strep throat in september, and I had a blood test for it and nothing happenned. I dont know how long before the test I smoked (I dont smoke every day) but it couldnt have been more than a few days because I smoke several times per week.
  7. I went to the doc today and everything is fine. I dont have strep its just some virus that I got some med for.

    They didnt say a thing about any kinda smoking. Only thing the doctor said was that my eyes looked really glazed and glossy...lmao

    I guess thats part of being sick *Wink* :p

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